Collection: Birthday Cakes Boys Melbourne

Do you want to surprise your naughty boy with a cake on his birthday? You can customise a birthday cake for your cute boy at Isher Bakery. We have professional bakers who can make vegan cakes using healthy and fresh ingredients. Whether you are looking for a Spiderman cake design, Pokemon cake design, Harry Potter cake design or dinosaur themed cake design, we have you covered. Even if you can’t find the design you are looking for, we can create the bespoke birthday cake that your kids will definitely love.

Isher Bakery has the most delicious cakes in a wide range of flavours that you can order right from the comfort of your home. Simply explore our collection of cakes, pick the one that your son prefers, place your order and collect it at one of our bakeries when your order is ready.  We also have 100% vegan cakes and cupcakes that can be given away as favours to the kids coming to the party. To get the birthday cakes for your boys customised, leave us a message.