Is your wedding around the corner? Are you looking for the best cake shop in Melbourne and need some help? Fret not! You clicked on the right link. Wedding Cakes are the sweetest work of art. So beautiful that they are almost too pretty to cut into (sigh!). It is possible to delegate your wedding cake responsibility entirely. However, your input can help increase the odds of getting what you want. Your wedding cake will take center stage like a star, and it should mirror your style and taste. But let’s be real, wedding cakes can cost a pretty bunch that can blow your budget. We understand this and to help you out we have some tips that will make every penny count.

  1. Find one!

Not the guy you are marrying, you already have that. We meant the cake shop and the person that can bake your dream wedding cake. First of all, make a list and jot down the things you want, e.g. vegan/eggless cakes or the place from where it will be convenient for you to get it from. Look for places on social media or help posts. If you post “ looking for vegan cake in Melbourne eggless cakes in Melbourne” or “ best cake shop in Melbourne.” We are sure you’ll get tons of recommendations. Filter them out and visit the places that match your requirements.

    2.Match it with your wedding theme

It's all in the details. You'll want a cake that's compatible with the look of your venue, gown, theme and the whole shebang. Meet with your cake consultant. We are not saying that you need to have a complete sketch, but you should have a basic idea. For a custom design, bring inspiration, like a piece of lace from your dress or a picture of the cake you found online. It will make things much easier for everyone. All the add-ons will raise the rate, but it's worth the cost.

  1. You have to go in for a tasting

Do not skip this step or rely on anyone’s word. It’s your wedding and money; you should like what you are paying for. You can’t just search “ cake shop near me” and choose the first result that pops up or believe if someone says “ Oh this shop has the best cakes in Melbourne.” You have to get out of your house to find the person you can rely on, taste the options they have, choose then decide the flavor that you like. The decoration is important, but if the cake is not tasty, then all the hard work and money goes down the drain. Just taste before you decide. It won’t take long, we promise!

  1. Order a small cake

Hold your horses! Before you go gaga all over the place, hear us out. Instead of ordering a cake that goes up breaking your roof and your bank balance, order a small one. Get all the fancy decorations you want and splurge the money. It still won’t cost that much. You have to order sheet cakes of the same flavor to serve the guests. That way you’ll get a beautiful cake and serve heaping portions to your guests without it being heavy on your pockets. Smart, right?

  1. Flowers and fruits can be your saviors

When it comes to decoration, prettification costs run the show. If you are running on a tight budget, then you should avoid handmade sugar flowers or intricate gum paste designs. Instead, use flowers or fruits for an elegant yet inexpensive cake. You can match it with your flower decorations, dress or choose a seasonal flower, e.g. Sakura( cherry blossoms) only blooms once a year. If you have your wedding at this time. Voila! A unique wedding cake that nobody else can copy ( at least for one year).Now, you must be in a hurry to search for the best bakery in Melbourne and implement such ideas !!

  1. Don't forget the venue or the weather

Planning a wedding out in the open during summer? Then forget whipped cream or buttercream frosting. Avoid them at all cost because they’ll run away from the alter( won’t survive the heat and will melt). Nobody likes runny frosting or a cake that look likes leaning tower of Pisa. Consult your baker and go for fondant or other icing options that can hold up against the heat.

  1. A detailed delivery plan is a must

If you have a complex or multiple tier cakes, the masterpiece you are expecting might arrive in pieces. The final form will need time and space to assemble before the party starts. It will require a refrigerated van and lots of people to get those pieces delivered to the venue without any accidents. For your peace of mind, before signing the contract, discuss the delivery details with your baker and avoid any mishap(s) before the reception.

  1. Eat your wedding cake (Not kidding!)

Besides the tiny bite couples feed each other( because hello! everyone’s looking) they often don't get to eat their wedding cake. Not eating cake at your wedding is like watching opera without sound. Don’t be that person, ask your caterer to save some extra for you. When the party’s over, you can dig in and have that for a late-night snack in bed or a post-wedding brunch dessert with your partner. We at Isher deliver both wedding vegan and eggless cakes in Melbourne.

One thing that any good wedding cake will have for sure is that it will be unique. Keep these tips in mind and work towards making a statement wedding cake whether you want that to be romance or revolution, entirely your choice. After all, it’s your day and all about what you want. On this beautiful journey, we wish you happiness and everlasting love as you build your new lives together.

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