Summers are already here, and we are ready for it. With bright sunny days, blue skies and fresh flowers our bright and cheerful desserts are prepared to make your summer scintillating. As the best cake shop in Melbourne, we have decided to get together some vegan rainbow cakes for you this summer. Rainbows are not just a delight to see but are also inspirational for some. Rainbows bring hope and light after a good sprinkle and bring the smile on the face of the young ones. Especially for the kids, rainbow cakes are most inspiring due to the range of bright colors. Kids love conglomerate of bright colors and everything that has colors in them.

And if you serve them the same colorful experience in a plate full of healthy eggless cakes in Melbourne, then you might find them emptying their plates faster than ever before. So without further delay let’s look at some of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne by Isher Eggless bakers:

Vegan Rainbow Rosette Cake

This fantastic colorful cake is an inspiration for all those who love the vegan lifestyle and colorful cakes. This unique cake creation has a fondant rainbow on the corner, coming out of the clouds. On top of it, the icing on the cake has delicately covered flower rosette texture. The combination of dark and light colors in this beautiful cake makes this cake unique in its presentation. On top of everything, this delightful cake has little butterflies on the rosette. It gives this cake a complete summer look. This number 3 cake can be designed in the number and shape of your choice. This beautiful full height cake has multiple layers of cake sponge. Loads of rich, creamy vegan ganache in this cake will make you remember Isher`s as makers of the best vegan birthday cakes

Rainbow Sprinkles Vegan Cake

This beautiful rainbow sprinkle cake is one that the kids will love. Loaded with vegan buttercream, this cake is going to be one show stopper at your kid’s birthday party. The fresh cream cake is stacked with layers of soft and moist sponge layered with our signature creamy ganache. Delicately bake in Vanilla, this cake is the best birthday cake in Melbourne that is as good in taste as in looks. The Cake is adorned with little bright colored sugar sprinkle. These sprinkles are for sure going to make your loved ones fall in love. The white rose cream flowers complete grace of this cake making it look like a flower garden with a rainbow aura. Every vegan cake we bake has our signature vegan ingredients that help us bake the best vegan cakes in Melbourne.

Rainbow Gems Vegan Cake

Kids love gems and M&M's. The sparkly surface with the promise of chocolate filled inside is something they all like. Dressed with layer by layer beads of gemstones this cake takes a lot of precision. This cake reflects the efforts of some of the best cake makers in Melbourne. This graceful cake is stunning and will surely make your kid's birthday party an amazing one. The multi-tier cake layers of cake base coated with creamy ganache giving this cake a delightful taste. We have established ourselves as the best bakery in Melbourne, and this colorful rainbow gems cake is an accurate reflection of our skill and is a delight for eyes as well as your palette.

Six Layer Rainbow Cake

This beautiful rainbow cake is a mixture of pastels and rainbow. As one of the best Rainbow cakes, this cake has everything that is devoted to a kid’s birthday cake. It starts with a beautiful fondant rainbow that mounts the cake giving it a pendant`s grace. The cake is then layered with loads of rainbow sugar sprinkles. The cake top also has clouds and butterflies giving this cake a fairy grace. The bottom of the cake has little color pastels hand made to give this cake a unique ultra modern look. This cake is a unique surprise for the cake lovers. One bite of this most inspiring cake is one that will make you looking for the same taste when searching for a cake shop near me.

Colored Hearts Rainbow Vegan Cake

This dedicated vegan cake has little hearts on the surface of this beautiful cake. The fondant hearts are placed on the surface of the cake making it look like a wall of little colorful hearts. As one of the best cake shops in Melbourne, we make sure that every cake we bake is close to your heart and thus baked with love. This cake reminds the kids of the Powerpuff girls and is the perfect birthday cake for girls. This unique cake is also one that inspires a romantic cake to celebrate love with rainbow colors. It can also be one of the best Valentine's Day cake surprise for your loved one.

At Isher Eggless Bakers are committed at providing best magical cakes that make your celebrations memorable. We have a range of over three dozen Vegan cake. This reflects our commitment to grow into the heart of vegan lovers in Melbourne. At Isher`s all our preparations are eggless, and we offer the best vegan cake in Melbourne. So why wait come merely online and choose from our range of eggless and vegan cake delights and make our celebrations even more memorable.

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