It is a common misunderstanding that a plant-based diet is highly expensive. It may be said because of the need to buy special food and supplements. Considering the need to add vegan meat, vegan milk and other substitutes required to make up the gap in this diet, it can be called expensive. However, we believe that it is more about carefully selecting the right vegan food from the right source. Starting with semi-processed food to Vegan meat every expense can be controlled with a little effort. At Isher`s we have mastered the skill of baking as the best cakes shop in Melbourne. We do so while keeping them as well priced, healthy and as yum as any other baked cake. Even the expensive special mentions like Vegan meat and Vegan supplements are certainly not something necessary to sustain a healthy diet. Instead, there are plenty of other replacements that can help you stay Vegan and Healthy.

Against the general misconception, keeping a Vegan diet can be cheap and non-exhaustive. All you need is to know where to look. So to help you in getting over these factors we have put down some basic factors you must take care while switching to a vegan diet:

  1. Start cooking at home

Vegan or no, If you want to control your expenses, start cooking at home. Restaurants and diners charge way higher than the actual food value. They in general add the cost of venue, service and exclusivity. Especially the English restaurants serve Vegan food at a higher price than regular food. It is due to very less or individual demand for Vegan food. So, limit you're eating out experience to a minimum if you want to avoid budgeting issues. Even when you go to your office, pack a lunchbox and a snack box for your day. The first reason is that you get to enjoy the meal at a better cost. Secondly, it saves you from waiting out on an order queue. So when you start cooking next time, cook a larger lot, bake some vegan desserts and keep something for work.

  1. Switch to whole foods

There is another misconception that whole food gives less energy and is not able to meet the daily nutrition quotient. On the contrary, the whole foods have higher nutrient value as the nutrients stay fortified in whole meals. The nutrients in whole food have a higher value solely because they are unprocessed . During processing most nutrients get oxidized and destroyed due to heating and metal contact. The next big thing about unprocessed food is that it is cheaper than processed food. So switch to potatoes, oats, pumpkin, millets for your starch requirements. Try to add as many vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, beets, spinach, carrots, and cucumber in your salads and sandwiches. Along with this stock up your freezer with loads of fruits, and variety of nuts like almond, peanuts, and other dry nuts.

  1. Bulk is better

If you are a vegan, then you would know that you keep wanting to keep your complete family as vegan as possible. So when you go shopping make sure you buy not just for yourself. On top of it, bulk goods that cost cheaper. A batch of nuts of 10 pounds would provide much better value than 1 pound bag. Not only the price in the family pack and large packs is less, but even the quality is better as they are meant for resale. So the next time you go out to shop at at retail store or a bakery in Melbourne look out for the family pack and bigger packs. Keep an eye on per unit price, and you will for sure get 15-20% off on a larger bag.

  1. Keep your recipes simple and handy

Every day should not be a special cooking fiesta. Keep your cooking simple, add natural flavors and keep ingredients un-processed. Avoid stuffing your recipes with too many ingredients; it would save your time and would also be easy to digest. Use tomatoes instead of ketchup, use tofu instead of vegan cheese. Also keep the heat loe while cooking. Though simple does not mean boring, you can always spice up your food but not necessarily with expensive ingredients. Vegan meat and sausages should be for special preparations and should be kept in the freezer. Make your list of vegan desserts like cakes and cookies or try to find the best vegan bakery in Melbourne and get your bulk of sweets from there.

  1. Buy smart

Search for the right stores to stock up your freezer. Look for local or store brands for the goods you buy. The store named brand products deliver you better quality and better cost for the same quality of goods. The reason is that they buy in bulk at little cost as a re-seller. Then they re-pack it and beat the price of branded products and even save from advertising and packaging cost. Also try to get membership of Vegan stores and try reach out to the communities that are Vegan by default. For example, look for Indian grocery and food shops, they will by default be vegan and offer goods at a better price. Go online and search for Vegan store and Vegan cake shop near me and keep track of the stores you find most economical.

Switching to a Vegan lifestyle is not as difficult as it is made to look. It is only about keeping your cravings replaced by complimentary food. Keep looking and adding the new stores, restaurant and bakery nearby. You can even start by looking for the nearest farmers market where your restaurants go shopping and stock up your vegan food at lower cost. At Isher eggless bakers we have made sure that our vegan customers get served the most healthy and fresh vegan delights without burning their pocket. So just come online and select from our range of Vegan Cakes and cookies and enjoy the well-being with mouthwatering flavors.

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