Baking the best birthday cakes in Melbourne takes more than just the look and tastes. It takes extra care to bake a cake for young ones. When baking cakes for the school birthday, one must ensure that the cake caters to most of the dietary restrictions the kids can have. Having said this, we wish to share a simple solution – Vegan Cakes. At Isher Eggless Bakers we bake some of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne. Vegan cakes are not just yummy, but they are also good for the health for your little ones and their friends. So we have collected a few vegan cake delights form Isher Eggless Bakers to get the perfect Birthday cake for your Kids School Birthday Party:

Disney Princess Cake

Princess cakes are the most favored cake designs for your little daughter. Moreover, on top of that, it's a Disney princess cake. The cake has a small replica`s of Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White. This two-tier cake is great for school parties and big gatherings. The cake is available in Vanilla, Pineapple, strawberry and mango flavor. This best birthday cake for girls is for sure going to make your little one fall in love with it at once. This two tier yellow and pink cake has a Disney princess at each step which gives this cake a beautiful grace.

Ben And Holly Vegan Cake

This one of the coolest birthday cakes for kids. This beautiful contains the edible images of the princess Holly, her friend Bean and Elf in the Number shaped design. This entirely tasteful Number 3 cakes has no nuts, eggs or dairy and is safe for the kids. The beautiful cake has green grass on all the borders all around giving this cake a forest theme. This large cake is well suited for big gatherings. It gives you the option to have almost as much as ten different images of your favorite Ben and Holly moment. The creamy texture of this cake will make the kids love its taste, and you would see them clearing their plates within minutes. Being, the best bakery Melbourne we value choice of our customers. You can select and send us the image you wish for your cake design.

Vegan Frozen theme Cake

Frozen was one of the best animation movies of all times. The correct presentation of sibling love and belonging was a musical as well as a value-driven masterpiece. The kids of all generations fell in love with the theme instantly. The movie let the market afloat with the frozen theme merchandise. So if you are planning to surprise your little one with something modern, then this frozen themed edible image cake would be perfect for the birthday celebration. The cake has Anna and Elsa with Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, etc. You can even send us your favorite Frozen moment. We will make a cake exclusively for you. Moreover, like our all other our vegan delicacies this cake this is also purely free from nuts, eggs, and dairy. This super delightful cake will you make in love. And, next time, when you will search for a cake shop near me, you will surely think about the fantastic birthday cake of Isher Eggless Bakers.

Vegan Loony Toons Cake

Toddlers love looney toons, so this three-layer cake is perfect for your little one. The blue colored cakes have sugar figures of the Looney Toon characters. It has Daffy, Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Porky, and Marvin. The cake also has fondant decoration in the form of balloons. The vegan buttercream decorations on these cakes are amazing. So if you are planning a birthday bash for your little one. Then, this lovely three-layered cake is perfect to amaze your kid. We bake best birthday cakes in Melbourne by keeping a high standard. The cakes at Isher`s are cooked in the hygienic environment while using high-quality ingredients. This cake is a beautiful combination of colors, taste, and toons kids will love. This fresh vegan cream cake can also be ordered in eggless option.

Unicorn Vegan Cake

This beautiful cake will for sure make your kid and her friends go crazy. Little kids love Unicorns as they are adorable. The fondant cake has a golden horn & white-golden ears giving it the look of a unicorn. This fantastic birthday cake for girls has six different layers of colorful cake sponge filled with delightful ganache. This cake seems, even more, astonishing with the golden color eyes and the flower braid. This vegan unicorn delight is available in two different sizes for a small and large gathering.

Isher Eggless Baker`s is well known as the best cake shop in Melbourne serving a wide range of vegan and egg-free cakes. We have tried and tested our recipes multiple times to give you the best vegan delights that taste as good as any other baked delicacies. We have listed over five dozen vegan cake designs on our site. We are always passionately working to get you better than the best vegan taste. So why wait come online and take a look at some of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne at and make your kids birthday cake amazing.

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