VEGAN CAKES? THE BEST VEGAN CAKES? IS IT FOR REAL? You encounter such questions when you had a piece of scrumptious, misty and flavorsome vegan cake. Turning vegan frowns many faces, but it is one of the most stylish trends these days to stay healthy and fit. Many people get quite nitpicky about it and have preconceived notions about going vegan. Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from having your favorite cakes. One can have finger-licking taste when ordering a vegan birthday cake as well. That fluffiness, moist-tender crumb, misty and delectable taste are also available in vegan cakes.

We have distinct varieties of vegan cakes which tastes don’t make you believe if it’s a vegan cake. We believe why to compromise in taste if you are a vegan. Being or turning vegan, itself is a very tough decision to take so, vegan people deserve such luxury to have their favorite cakes without compromising in taste. It’s not that only vegan people can have vegan cakes but anyone who wants to try something new or want to enjoy cakes without hampering their calories count or their diet plan.

Now you will tickle your mind where to buy such stereotype breaking vegan cakes? Don’t think much, Isher bakers in Melbourne are here to bring vegan cakes on the table with a pleasant design and exquisite taste.

Below is the synopsis of Isher vegan bakery’s showstopper vegan cakes:

Cartoon character cakes- Cartoon characters are kids’ favorite. Cartoon stars bring joy to children and adults as well. When you get cakes for your celebration in your favorite cartoon character, your eyes will automatically shine out. Be it “Ninja Turtle cake”, “Spiderman cake”, “Ben and Holly cake”, or any other cartoon character, you will get it the way you thought of. This baker shop in Melbourne stands for customer’s wishes and contentment only. You will get your vegan cake in any flavors you want.

Themed cakes- These days, a themed party is in fashion. Everyone is planning for their one or the other theme party and sync every party condiments and decorations accordingly. People even dress up according to the theme, so having a themed cake would be a crowning stroke in the party. Isher bakers have humongous varieties of themed cake: cartoon cakes, princess style cake, prince style cake, cherry blossom cake (if you are having your party in spring), and many more.

Numbers cakes- Number cakes add an extra feather in our crown the way every birthday adds one extra number to the life. This cake has some extravagant tempting toppings which will give the special treat to our taste bud and to our celebrations as well. These cakes are made for celebrating birthdays, and anniversaries to cherish the moment for ages.

Rosette cakes- The word rosette itself sounds rosy and promising and so are the rosette cakes. Rose as cake toppers would make your party bloom like flowers and spread its fragrance all over. Isher has a rich collection of rosette cakes like you get varieties of roses in the flower shop, pink, white and red. You can choose the color and flavor based on the occasion.

Eating cakes may make your heart skip a beat but eating vegan cakes in Melbourne will make your heart skip a beat in a healthy yet delicious way!

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