Switching to a vegan diet is a good decision. It sounds great if you have made up your mind to Go Vegan. There is one thing that you must remember that cutting out meat, eggs, dairy, and other animal products is a bigger challenge than most people anticipate. It is one of the biggest reasons due to which many people fail to stay Vegan for a long time. Most people switch to veganism due to their love for animals. Or for a healthy lifestyle, medical conditions, and environmental protection. It is the craving for meat and other products that rule over our choice of Healthier lifestyle. It is the combination of comfort and craving that forces people to off-track their commitment. The idea remains to keep your cravings on the check with supplements like Vegan meat, sausages and Vegan desserts. So to help you to stay on track, we have got the list of 7 most important aspects that would help you stay vegan and healthy:

  1. Make your main course around vegetables

A plant-based diet is as fulfilling as any meat-centered diet. So whenever you are cooking, focus your meal around one vegetable and design other things around it. For examples, you can center the table with beans and then place bread and rice to compliment it. So do not get stuck on what you do not have and focus on what you have. A full vegan meal not only gives you protein but has a higher value of Vitamins and natural minerals that meat does not contain. Along with this whenever you cook, make sure you pack for your journey as well.

  1. Keep a mix of foods

A vegan diet must be well maintained as cutting out on meat can make you feel famished. So instead of just one vegetable compliment the table with add-ons. Add plenty of salad in main meals. Stock your plate with beans and potato and different sautéed veggies. So stock your freezer with plenty of fresh fruits and nuts in stock for snacking and cravings. Remember that keeping starch foods like potatoes, whole grains, legumes, and pumpkin as an excellent source of energy to keep them a part of your every meal. Furthermore, they have a longer shelf life so you can always keep them stocked up. Last but not the least; do not feel shy while adding a vegan dessert such as vegan cakes for your craving for sweets.

  1. Stick with Whole Grains

The market is full of processed vegan foods. For a healthy and lean lifestyle try to avoid such foods and stick to whole grains. Whole grains are good for energy and they have a higher level of nutrients as they are intact. Processed foods get through heat and preservatives. Thus, damaging the nutrients in them. So swap the refined grains like pasta, white bread and stick with grains like brown rice, barley, and quinoa. They have a high value of iron and potassium. Keeping whole grains in food will also save you from those extra calories while keeping you full. Moreover, the whole grains are better priced than the processed foods and are good for the digestive system.

  1. Keep looking for the better source of Proteins

For every vegan out there the biggest challenge is to ensure meeting the daily Protein requirements. The idea is not just to stick with pulses for protein but to look for other plant-based proteins. Track the stores that have plenty of vegan products like tempeh, tofu, soybeans, beans, and lentils. Also keep track of where to find a bigger bunch of Nuts, like almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds that deliver high-quality protein and carbohydrates. Try to keep a vegan bakery on your list for your baked goods and talk to them about vegan supplies.

  1. The vegan label does not mean healthy

Vegan cookies may not necessarily be healthy for your waistline or a Vegan pizza with loads of veggies and Vegan cheese. The Vegan margarine and other vegan labeled processed products can have high levels of fats. The processed foods ought to have high levels of saturated-fat-laden oils. So stick with nutritious food like carrots, hummus, and guacamole. Even when you plan to travel, make sure you keep a list of vegan restaurants from online sources. And when next time you go out to find a restaurant or cake shop in Melbourne ask for the ingredients.

  1. Keep track of essential nutrients

Plant-based diets lack in some nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, Iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. For omega acids, you must include flax seed and other types of nuts like walnuts in your food. You may also get them in canola oil and soy. To cover up your Iron need, add Vitamin C rich food that boosts the absorption of Iron in the other green vegetables. In general, people get Vitamin D from fish and other dairy products. So for Vitamin D you can also have soy and almond milk or switch to the UV light. All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes in the sun every day to let your body process your own Vitamin D need. But for Vitamin B-12 you will have to consult a doctor to add a supplement to your diet.

7.Educate yourself and keep good company

Veganism is scary for some people, and they tend to put fear in other people's mind. So educate yourself and stay in the company of like-minded people. Go through and get subscribed to magazines and blog that talk about the Vegan lifestyle. It will help you find better reasons for staying vegan and how it saves your life and environment. Go online and search for vegan clubs, vegan restaurant, and vegan bakery near me to keep the company of Vegan people. Staying with Vegan people will help you hear their success stories and their life-changing experience. You may even end up finding someone who could share their experience of how to handle friends and family who are not vegan!

Veganism has a lot many benefits, but you must remember that for this you have to put some extra effort. A well planned vegan lifestyle can fill your life with joy, health and overall satisfaction of adding your part in saving lives and environment. At Isher Eggless Bakery we are committed to baking the best Eggless and Vegan Cakes in Melbourne. We promise that our cakes and recipes are as delightful as any other baked goods. So come online and try our Vegan delights and share your views on how we can improve and together make this world a better living place.

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