So, it's your child's birthday! What have you planned for him/her? Every celebration feels incomplete without a cake. Moreover, there is something about a vegan chocolate cake that brings a grin on everyone's face. And for your child's birthday celebration, the cake is the main thing that matters before anything else. With times changing, cakes to have witnessed an interesting evolution. This means that there is a special cake designed uniquely just for every person or every occasion. And when it comes to celebrating your child’s birthday, especially your boy’s birthday, some exclusive cakes would always be a hit for them. Think about how a superhero cake would make your child happy.

Moreover, if you are worried because you are vegan and are looking for vegan cakes in Melbourne, then you need not to worry. There are a few great bakeries that offer vegan cakes. One such Vegan bakery that specializes in superhero cakes is Isher Eggless Bakers. Here are some of the top picks that you can choose from for your boy’s birthday this year:

  1. Spiderman Themed Cake

When you move towards planning the best party for your child, the first thing that comes to your mind is to get them the best birthday cake in Melbourne. And if your child is a fan of Spiderman, then there is nothing better than to get him a Spiderman cake. It is normal for every little boy to wish to become Spiderman someday and save the world. It would make his birthday worthwhile and one of his best ones. So, make your child's birthday more special with a vegan, chocolate and Spiderman-themed cake.

     2. Avenger Themed Cakes

Who doesn't like Avengers? If your boy spends his free time watching and re-watching Avengers, then give him a surprise this birthday by adding a professionally created Avenger-themed vegan chocolate cake. Kick the kids' party into high gear with the most perfect cake. All the boys would love the cake because Isher Eggless Bakers are known to offer the best birthday cakes in Melbourne.

  1. Superman Themed Cake

Another great superhero that many boys have is Superman. His cape is one of the many things that make boys love him. And due to this, we usually see our boys running around after wearing a cape, pretending to save the world. If your son is one of the people who love the idea of capes and adores Superman, get him the Superman-themed cake this birthday. And this birthday would be something that your boy would always thank you for. Moreover, if you are looking for a cake shop near me, head over to Isher Eggless Bakers.

  1. Batman Themed Cake

Is your little munchkin a Batman fan? Does he love the mask that Batman wears or just his cape? Then, on this birthday, give him a surprise by having a Batman-themed vegan chocolate cake for him. Being the best cake shop in Melbourne, Isher is a Vegan bakery that offers great Superhero cakes. You can get the birthday cakes from Isher Bakery, which is known to offer the best cakes in Melbourne.

  1. Hulk Themed Cake

Not everyone feels that Superman is the only superhero. Some kids love Hulk due to his power. As a matter of fact, there is a huge demand for hulk birthday cakes in Melbourne. You can use this cake to make your child feel special. Before you look for any other best bakery Melbourne, do check out the Hulk cake at Isher Eggless Bakers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best cakes in Melbourne that is both vegan and is themed as a superhero from Isher Bakers. Make this birthday of your boy a perfect one with the right birthday cake that he would thank you for it. Order it now at

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