People have gone vegan for a lot of reasons. Some do not want to consume animal products as they find factory farming cruel, while others believe that animal culture is destroying the environment. And most of the people see going vegan as a healthy diet choice because the foods are of low fat, cholesterol, calories, loaded with high fiber, and lots of vitamins.

Even though they switch to healthy meals, dessert still seems to be a challenge. So, to sort that problem, we at Isher eggless Bakers we bake the most healthy Vegan cakes in Melbourne.

Benefits of becoming Vegan

A vegan diet is considered to be the healthiest way to live. Their plant-based diet comprises of fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, legumes, beans, and seeds. A healthy vegan diet contains an abundance of vitamins E, B1, and C, folic acid, magnesium, and iron content.

A plant-based diet reduces the risk

Type 2 diabetes

Cardiovascular disease

Ischemic heart disease




Some cancers including prostate and colon cancer

Preparing Vegan Meals

Searching for vegan restaurants or the best bakery in Melbourne is not difficult in Melbourne; though learning about preparing your own meal is the best way. Thus, people feel very overwhelmed when it comes to preparing your vegan meal. As they consider that preparation will require a lot of time, efforts, and fancy equipment. But this is not the truth. Vegan meal preparation is not that difficult, and no matter where you are and whatever you are doing, everyone is capable of preparing a meal.

Tips for meal preparation

Below are some tips to know how and what foods can be cooked in advance, and can be kept fresh.

  1. Know how to make combinations: A good meal combo should include, legumes, starches, vegetables, herbs, and seasoning.
  2. Differentiate between fridge and freezer: foods that you are considering consuming within 2 to 3 days should be stored in the fridge, but if you are not going to consume within this time frame then store it in the freezer.
  3. High Protein foods: Plant foods have a lower risk of food poisoning as compared to animal foods. This is because bacteria thrive on protein-rich foods.

The exception to this is rice and quinoa, as they are high in protein, so take extra care when reheating and storing. While you are preparing for a party you can always try to find vegan based snacks, cookies and best cakes in Melbourne in nearby stores.

Note: When you start cooking next time, cook a larger lot, bake some vegan desserts and keep something for work.

Meals Preparation


Start your meal preparation with Breakfast. Three meal recipes that are great for breakfast are

Homemade Granola Bars

Moringa Oatmeal

Strawberry And Banana Overnight Oats


Quinoa Fritters

Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

Quinoa Veggie Wraps


Veggie Quinoa Casserole

Buckwheat Salad

Refreshing Vegan Smoothie

At Isher`s we cherish your lifestyle decision and also take care of dessert craving you have and try to serve the best cakes in Melbourne to make your life healthier and tasteful. If you are a vegan and searching for a cake shop near me, then Isher Eggless Bakers are here at your service.

Vegan diet overall is very healthy as long as you successfully fill in the nutrient gaps. And veganism does not solely promote a healthy body but also being happy and content in heart and soul.

Being, the best bakery Melbourne, we make sure you get a cake less in calories and high in nutrients. Check out our range of vegan and eggless cakes, here

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