Have you seen any of the trendy vegan cakes in the shape of a number floating all over the social media recently? There isn't an official name for these cakes yet, but we can call them the "Number cakes" for now. Getting simple birthday cakes in Melbourne is normal. These cakes look super elegant and simple, but obviously, they are not that simple to make. In short, they are incredible and the best thing you can have on the table for your baby's birthday.

If you are hoping to make your child's birthday something everyone would remember and cherish, then the Number Cake is a great idea. This is mostly if your child is just between the age of 1 to 9. Although, you can have a personalized vegan chocolate cake created with a number greater than 9. Keeping this in mind, you would have to look for the best bakery Melbourne.

From the quality of the cake to the design, Isher ensures that you are more than satisfied with the cake. Isher is one great vegan cake shop Melbourne that you can rely on. Here are some of the number cakes you can order from Isher:

Number 4 Princess Cake

Well, if you have a baby girl who is about to turn into a 4-year old and loves princesses, this cake is a great choice. Created with pink icing, the cake is designed with tiny pictures of princesses on it. With this chocolate vegan cake on the table, your 4-year-old girl would cherish this birthday forever. We are known for delivering the best cakes in Melbourne and this cake will surely make your girl the happiest.

Her 2nd Birthday Cake

Is your girl about to turn two and your not sure what cake would be the perfect one for her? Well, then, you need a cake that would say all about her. And at this moment, there is no better cake than vegan cakes created in the shape of the number “2.” Designed with tiny pink flowers and a cute message, this cake is all that your girl’s birthday party needs.

Number 4 Racing Track Cake

Not always can you make a Superhero cake. And with your boy just about 4 years old, you can become a bit creative with the birthday cake. This Number 4 Racing Track Cake is a gorgeous cake and the right one for a boy who loves cars. So, if your son has been spending most of his time with car toys and racing tracks, you owe him this cake on his birthday. Out of the many birthday cakes in Melbourne, this one would make your boy feel the love and care you have for him. It would turn out to be a perfect birthday party.

First Birthday With Looney Tunes

Yes, a one-year-old might not remember anything when he/she grows up. But this does not mean that you can avoid creating a perfect cake for them. You child would grow up to see the pictures taken on this day. And you do not want them to be disappointed or feel that you didn’t love them much. With the perfect Number One cake designed with Looney Tunes cartoon characters, the birthday party of your one year old would be a hit for both your child and the audience. Anyway, who doesn’t love a chocolate vegan cake designed with cartoon characters?

7th Birthday Cake With Looney Tunes

Not every child is a Superhero fan. Some children just love simple and funny cartoons like Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes. So, if your child is someone who would rather watch Looney Tunes the whole day instead of Spiderman, get him/her a Looney Tunes cake. Out of the many vegan cakes, you would find on Isher, the Number 7 Looney Tunes cake is what you need for your baby’s birthday.

Number 3 Ben And Holly Cake

It is common to see young boys of the age 3 and 4 into cartoons like Holly and Ben 10. And we know that Cartoon Network does have a way of creating characters that our children would love. With Ben 10 being a favorite of your child, you can make their 3rd birthday party complete with a Ben & Holly Cake. This Vegan chocolate cake by Isher is what you need!

Number 3 Rainbow Cake

Why does it always have to be a princess or a superhero cake? While your child turns 3 this year, think out of the box and have a perfect rainbow cake made. Beautifully designed with colorful icing, a chocolate vegan cake in the shape of 3 would be a great choice for your child’s 3rd birthday. Don’t forget that it is also important for the audience to also love the cake you bring in. And this cake is something everyone would love.

So, what are you waiting for?

Isher is the best bakery in Melbourne. You can find a huge variety of eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne here and even order the cakes to be delivered at your home. The design of the cakes is not the only thing you would love. After you have had a bit of the cake, you would want to have more.

Next time when you will search for a cake shop near me, you will surely choose us. So, make your celebration not just fancy but tasty with the cakes from Isher. Check out for more cake designs here!

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