Butter cakes are everyone’s favourite. From a simple tea time binge to midnight hunger pangs, having a slice of butter cake gets your stomach filled. The soft and spongy crumbs, yellow crust layers are what make this butter cake thoroughly delicious. Moreover, you can slice this easily without having the crumbs falling apart. If you are bored and want to have a delicious butter cake, you can buy it anywhere. However, if you are aiming for a moist, yellow vegan butter cake, only a few bakeries in Melbourne offer vegan cakes Melbourne that are incredibly delicious.

If you want to create a perfect, delicious vegan butter cake, then you must try this recipe. The major ingredient you will need for this cake is Vegan Butter. This ingredient is the star of this recipe.

Like traditional butter, Vegan butter is solid, soft and conveniently spreadable. To make the vegan butter, you will need soy milk, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, canola oil, xanthum gum, and soy lecithin.

Firstly, you need to add coconut vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and some salt into the soy milk and whisk it thoroughly till you find a lump-free texture.

Then, take half a tablespoon of coconut oil and canola oil and put it in a blender or a food mixer, add the soy milk mixture to it and blend nicely for about 2-3 minutes. Then pour the mix into a silicone mold and place it in the freezer to solidify. You‘ll get an amazing vegan butter in about one hour. You can store this vegan butter in the refrigerator for about one month.

So, are you ready to prepare the best vegan butter cake now?

Add the soft butter in a dry mixing bowl and beat it till it becomes pale. Then add 400gms of soy milk and two spoons of vanilla extract and mix it thoroughly.

Take a sieve pan, add the butter mixture, half cup of flour, baking powder, salt to it and mix well.

Then use a loaf pan and butter it generously on the sides as well. Then pour the butter into the pan and bake it for 35 minutes till it becomes a golden yellow.

Let it cool for about 5 minutes and invert the cake pan and place the cake on the slicing tray. You can even top it with vegan butter frosting and some nutty sprinkles for added drama.

Now, a very delicious, fluffy and moist vegan butter cake is ready to be served. This would make the best cake for your tea or snack time.

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