Cakes are the best way of celebration, be it a birthday or a wedding. Every joyous celebration is incomplete without it. So yes, cakes are good, but a Cake with fruit is even better. A cake baked with love and passion with loads of cream gives the best in class experience with a layer of fresh fruits. The sweetness in the cake is even better when it is topped with your favorite fruits. Kids have always loved fruits, and their natural bright color and sugar, attract kids the most. Isher Bakers bake the best cakes in Melbourne with loads of fruits in your favorite flavor.

Vanilla mix fruit cake

Vanilla is one of the oldest and most loved flavors worldwide. It is the most delicate flavors that one uses in baking and cream flavors all together. Its tendency of getting overpowered by other flavors makes it the most delicate flavor used in baking. Our Vanilla mix fruit top cake is a perfect blend of vanilla and fruits. It keeps the vanilla flavor at its best even with the fresh fruit loaded on top. The cut fruits dressed atop are fresh and cut to occasion. Making it the best birthday cake in Melbourne. This cake has all the fruits from our store starting from Kiwi, Strawberry, pineapple, and cherry. If you want a custom set of fruits to leave a message while placing the order. We will make a dedicated cake for your loved ones.

Pineapple Twist

This exclusive moist, fresh pineapple cake from the best cake shop in Melbourne comes with layers of fresh pineapple on top and has a tropical touch in the flavor. The cream has a touch of fresh coconut with a handmade sugar flower decoration. The moist fruits cake is a combined flavor of Vanilla with pineapple and coconut, giving this cake a unique taste. The multi-layer cake has loads of signature ganache stacked between the cake layers making it the best best vegan cake in Melbourne. The top of the cake has freshly cut pineapple slices making it a treat for ones looking for a tropical twist in their celebrations.

Strawberry Burst

If you are a pure fan of Strawberry, then this cake is perfect for you. This Strawberry cake has strawberries in every single aspect of it. One can taste strawberry in the soul of this cake. This pink color cake has all natural grace in color and taste of pure strawberry that will remind you of its taste in every bite. Even after that, some people prefer even the icing coated with strawberry flavored gelatin. The strawberry inside the cake gives this cake a fruit jam texture. It keeps the sponge moist and tender. This cake is so delightful that this might be one of the best things to ever happen to your sweet tooth.

Chocolate Strawberry Delight

Chocolate is one of the most loved flavors across the world and Mais loved by all genres. The combination of chocolate with strawberry has made fans all over the modern world. This particular Chocolate strawberry delight has the sponge made with organic cocoa flavor with loads of rich, creamy chocolate ganache. The drip is then loaded with strawberries to give this cake the most romantic grace. The strawberry flavor top with chocolate icing has organic chocolate drizzle and fresh strawberries giving this cake a glossy texture. It makes this cake a perfect as Valentine’s Day cake and a perfect fit for the upcoming romantic occasions.

Fruit Chocolate Delight

The light chocolate sponge had chocolate ganache and coated in smooth vanilla buttercream. The top of this beautiful looking cake has loads of Fruits with Kiwi, Pineapple, Strawberry, and cherry. The unique look of this cake comes from the chocolate wafers and leaves. These are handmade by some of the best cake bakers in Melbourne. The cake has the best quality organic cocoa that melts in the mouth. The creamy choco ganache makes it an ultimate combination of chocolate and fresh fruits. This cake is one that you will remember while searching for a cake shop near me.

At Isher eggless bakery we bake the best birthday cakes in Melbourne. From Eggless to Vegan cakes we have left a beautiful memory with every cake we bake and loved by our patrons Clayton.

These are the five best eggless cakes in Melbourne. We lined up for you today. As a parent who doesn’t want their kid to have a tasteful of cake that is yum as well as healthy. For every cake, we bake we use the best and most fresh source of ingredients from the icing to the core of the cake every single ingredient is selected to give you the soulful taste of baking that outmatches any other cake.

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