Have you ever felt that relief after having all your favourite desserts? Yes, cakes are said to be great stress relievers. They are absolute happiness where it calms your mind and soothes the soul. From a simple eggless cake to a vegan cakes Melbourne, the smell and taste of freshly baked cake can make up your mood and help in stress reduction. So, it’s best to give yourself some quality sweet treats whenever you feel down or stressed. Here, in this blog, we have some interesting desserts that are exciting to make and are stress-busters.

Colour Cake Pops

Coloured cake pops are an interesting recipe to make all you need is cake dough, colour, lollipop sticks and melted sugar coating. Vibrant colours are said to have soothing properties, so when you make the recipe include some flashy colours, you’ll feel relaxed. You can fill any cake mix and use any colour of your choice for the dip.


Freshly made doughnuts are absolute heaven. The process of making doughnuts is a lot easier than most people think, and the results will be quite rewarding. Whether you prefer your doughnuts baked or fried, filled or frosted, they make you smile with just a bite. You can play with unique toppings like sprinkles, ice cream and caramelised sugar syrup, and much more.

Vegan Cakes

Let’s make something healthy and trendy! Vegan cakes are on trend now and are gaining popularity everywhere. If you don’t have to make a perfect vegan cake recipe, and want to gorge on some truly delightful vegan cakes, order online from the best vegan bakeries in Melbourne.

Sugar cookies

Designer cookies are a visual treat for your sweet tooth. In no time, you can finish off the baking before delving into the decorations. You can fill them with embossed fondant, ruffled buttercream and some icing. Addling some coloured sprinkles or nuts or even chocolate chips will bring the added drama you want.

Bottom Line

If you have the time for baking and planning to kick off the stress, include some sweet treats to your routine. The more baking tricks you know, the faster you'll have a finished treat to keep the stress at bay. In case, if you don’t have the time and are planning to buy, order from the best vegan bakery in Melbourne – Isher Eggless Bakers. For delicious treats and cake orders, call +61 1300 447 437 today.  

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