Veganism is growing at a fast rate here in Melbourne. The credit mainly goes to the awareness that organizations like PETA have spread. Many people have accepted the vegan lifestyle for the love of animals. They recognize and accept other animals as fellow beings of earth. Other people have joined veganism for saving the environment. As per stats, the animal products processing industry causes more harm to the environment than most of the sectors. As the best Bakery in Melbourne, we have taken it upon ourselves to join the race and introduced the best vegan cake range last year. Today we cater to the most kind and cruelty-free cake lovers in Melbourne. We have decided to put some light on one of the most common questions by our Eggless cake lovers – How is a Vegan Cake different from Vegetarian cake?

Veganism -

Before we head to the Vegan cakes, let us understand what Veganism is all about. Well for beginners - Vegan lifestyle and vegan food or so-called veganism are all about staying away from the anything that is taken from animals. Yes, strange as it may sound, Vegan lifestyle teaches people to stay away from harming animal even if it is about taking milk from cows. Vegans do not use any form of meat or fish, any dairy products in their diet. Not just this they don’t use Honey, Silk or oils made from dairy products.

So what do Vegans Eat:

When you leave Dairy and Meat from life, you may think that things get boring. On the contrary, the vegan lifestyle gives you a better opportunity to taste some of the most authentic flavors that the world has to offer. Apart from the best vegan cakes in Melbourne made by Isher Eggless Bakers, Vegans have a whole world to explore. Many cultures like Indian, Nepalese and others have developed a whole new level of Cuisine that is purely cruelty-free. The only thing one has to do is to replace Natural dairy with Soy based milk and products.

Differentiating between a Vegan Cake and Vegetarian cake:

As we just said that vegans replace their regular milk with nondairy milk. It involves replacing other dairy products with plant-based dairy. So in vegan cakes, we do not use any dairy or eggs. We have to replace and replenish the taste and aroma. We use better animal-friendly ingredients and match the level of quality. It is a normal misconception that the vegan cakes are denser. It may happen when you don’t use the right raising mixture. The quantity of sugar, oil and baking time has to be added and measured in entirely different quantities than regular cakes.

To be precise, in baking the best vegan cakes in Melbourne we replace egg by the other raising agents like baking soda and vinegar. For cream one can use coconut milk or soy milk. You can just separate the fat from the milk as you do in pure dairy milk. Then let the cream mix with flavors you want in your vegan cake. It is the right amount of time and the exact quantity of right ingredients that make a Vegan cake as fluffy and tasteful as any other cake. Regular sugar is replaced with either brown sugar or non-sulfite sugar. One can even use date sugar, but as it is really sweet, moderate quantity is advisable. For baking, you can also use Maple syrup. To use it one must reduce the quantity of liquids in the form of water and vegan milk for the batter. The total quantity of fluids in cake should remain same with or without maple syrup. Last but not least, we even replace regular oils with plant-based oils.

Though, it has taken us years in replacing the essential baking ingredients with vegan-friendly ingredients. It takes a different quantity and different beating and baking time to get a perfect vegan cake. The quality of cream and ganache is really very good. Some of our clients even share their stories about how some people never notice that the cake was Vegan until discussed at the meal. We can assure you that If you taste one of our vegan cakes, you will search for the same taste and quality, whenever you search for a cake shop near me.


Yes and No – Yes because vegan cakes only have plant-based proteins and oils. Plant-based low processed ingredients ensure that we get the best quality nutrients in the most natural way. Plant-based ingredients are also easy on the digestive system. They tend to increase the overall metabolism of the body. Apart from just desserts, a plant-based diet even improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. All the factors make us healthier and more energetic. However, all vegan ingredients may not be healthy. If you are taking high-fat Vegan milk and tofu on a regular basis then it can be as hard on your digestive systems as pure dairy. Even high processed vegan ingredients destroy the nutrients in the ingredients. So if you are replacing high-fat meat burger with an over-processed and fried vegan meat. Then you are still adding the same amount of unhealthy fast food in your diet. So one must keep the right balance of fat and sugar in vegan food. Also use low processed vegan ingredients, to maintain a healthy diet. Thus Vegan labeled product is very healthy as long as they do not have a high amount of sugar and fat.

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