Switching to a Vegan diet is getting easier with time. Even here in Melbourne Veganism is gaining pace. The main reason behind the increase in the vegan lifestyle is its health benefits and its environmental effects. The vegan lifestyle is a blessing for longer life, skin, digestive system, environment, and other animals. So to cater to this, dozens of Vegan restaurants have come up in the city and Bakery`s are also gearing up to cover the gap. As a part of the effort, Isher`s Eggless Bakery has come up with its range of Vegan cake in Melbourne. Our vegan preparations are just as delicious as their non-vegan alternatives. Starting from chocolate to vanilla and strawberry to mango, rainbow to fresh fruits; flavors our range of choices are plentiful - and scrumptious.

Isher Eggless cakes stand out as the best choice for the best vegan cakes south east Melbourne. We have mastered the art of combining various animal-free products to give mouthwatering cake combinations. These world-class cake combinations are a blend of premium ingredients like animal-fat free cocoa powder, luxuriously rich chocolate, and finest organic flours. These great blends are an output of months of careful and diligent trying and testing world-class vegan ingredients. We have carefully chosen and blended the well-established plant fat, oil, and flavors in the regular cake flavor recipes. Let’s take a look at Isher Eggless Bakers 5 top Vegan Delicacies:

Vegan Pink Aumbrey Rosette Cake

This flower bouquets cake is an excellent treat for a vegan cake lover. This Pink Ombre Rosette Cake is one of the liveliest cakes from the best bakery in Melbourne. It has loads of mouth-watering ganache in your most favored flavors. The hand-piped rose decoration on the cake is delicately made with multiple cream color combinations to give the ombre effect from dark to light ink. This cake is a beautiful combination of color, flavor and decorative omber effect. The cake can have a blend with other colors and distinct ombre effects of your choice. The fresh vegan cream cake is also available in eggless option and considered as one of the best eggless cakes in Melbourne.

MAC decoration Vegan Cake

This vegan delicacy is for your makeup-loving partner. This cake will give your anniversary or celebrations a unique feminine touch. Our girl's special Vegan cake is dressed with little MAC products made with sugar fondants. This cake will make your loved one blush with smiles and joy. The light chocolate or vanilla cake base has layers of our signature ganache covered with fondant at the top to give it everlasting beauty and grace. This cake is perfect for your wife, fiancee, girlfriend or a friend who love a touch of MAC. This smooth and fluffy cake is available in multiple flavors with our best in class dairy-free ingredients by the best cake shop in Melbourne.

Vegan Flower Basket cake

Are you or your loved one a fan of flowers? then, our flower basket cake is perfect for your celebrations. This fantastic looking cake gives a sense of carrying a flower basket to celebrations, making it a heartwarming as well as a mouthwatering treat for all. This classic design is layered at the top with fresh vegan buttercream. The side of this cake has fondant decoration in forms of straws and stripes bread. The sides of each layer of the multilayer cake have green flowers. The combination looks like a hand-woven basket, giving this cake and extra appealing look. Being the best cake shop in Melbourne, we are a perfect answer to your search for your craving for a cake shop near me.

Disney Frozen Theme Vegan Cake

Disney is a big thing in kids of all age groups. From toddlers to school going kids, all are in love with one or the other Disney character. School going kids are especially attracted to frozen theme characters. Our Disney Frozen themed cake has two most loved characters of the series; Elsa and Anna. The edible photo cake has an Image topper. The cake border is further decorated with red and blue flowers complementing both Elsa and Anna. The decoration is finished with silver sugar pearls on top of all. These Disney princess characters are famous among the little girls. We at Isher Baker's, use the best quality ingredients for our eggless cakes and vegan delicacies making your celebrations most memorable.

Princess with Sugar Orchids

This vegan delight is perfect for celebrating the birthday cake in Melbourne of your little princess. This big cake is designed around the princess in the middle and decoration of the cake in the form of a dress. The floral vine is decorated with fondant orchids to give a flower cascade grace. This cake is one of the best birthday cakes for girls that reflect the joy of being a princess laden with flowers. The bright color cake will bring life to your birthday party. This multilayer cake is not only great for the eyes but also a treat for your taste buds. This cake is the best choice for a large princess theme party. Our Princess cake can have a design to select the princess of your choosing. We can get your little one a fairy princess form all her dreams from Cinderella to Elsa. We can decorate this cake for your beloved favorite character. Just call us or reach out to us on Facebook.

Isher Eggless Bakers are committed to providing the best quality cakes experience to all our customers. We have established ourselves as the best bakery in Melbourne for eggless cakes and are now expanding very successfully into the Vegan category. Our range of over three dozen Vegan cake designs is an example of how precise and professional our baking process has grown into. We are one of the rare bakeries in complete Melbourne that offers delivery of Vegan cakes within two days. So to serve your taste buds or for your Vegan friend or kin order online at

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