So we have an explosion of vegan lovers across Melbourne. The drive that started with animal love and environment protection has become a source of a healthy lifestyle or is considered to be the one. As a vegan do not consume any animal dependent product making dairy, meat or any poultry out of bounds. Not just eatables, veganism is about not using any animal dependent product like silk, leather, etc. The number of vegans and peopleā€™s awareness of the cause is raising day by day making veganism a source debate. As one of the cruelty-freeĀ vegan cake shop Melbourne,Ā we have decided to take a peek into the facts and understand the lifestyle as a vegan, to know how healthy a vegan lifestyle is.

Starting as a Vegan-

The first thing we learned about veganism is that to make the healthy transition you must keep it slow. So if you love the environment or the animals around you or just looking for a long life with healthy gut and skin, your vegan change should be slow and gradual. While you are switching to veganism, make sure you discuss with family and friends and how important this decision is for you. Start by changing to vegan milk first or stop eating meat for a couple of weeks. Then you can start by leaving other dairy products like yogurt and cheese. So as a vegan you must learn to cook and find the best source of protein and vitamins to cover up for the lack of animal products.

So when you have left the biggest animal dependent products like meat and dairy, you are ready for the final leap. Now you can come down to the last and most unavoidable products, eggs. Easy as it may sound, leaving milk and egg is the most challenging part. As you never know which packed or processed product might have a bit of both? You will find vegan food at most of the Indian restaurants. Keep looking for and keeping track of the vegan stores, restaurants, and theĀ best bakery in Melbourne.

At Isher`s we stared as a vegan cake shop in Melbourne and have moved to the vegan varieties today. So we are well aware that not using egg and dairy can be a bit difficult especially if you love cakes and other bakery products. We worked around with our vegan patrons with free tasting and new products and got attached with veganism so much that we were not able to move back.

Effect of Vegan style in long terms

After a couple of months, your body is now craving for more. Your body will generate signals that will tell you that something is amiss. All you need is to eat more for getting the same amount of nutrients that you had with your regular diet. You need to add more beans, soy, and another protein-rich supplement to stay healthy. You need to fill the gap in your diet now step by step as your body is now planted dependent, which have very less or not Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Today we bake the best vegan and egglessĀ birthday cakes in MelbourneĀ and thanks to you we love it.

So to assist you we have collected a few quick notes:

Filling the Vegan lifestyle deficiencies:

Vitamin B12 ā€“Ā We need vitamin B12 to keep our blood healthy. Unfortunately, it is not produced by plants, so might have to switch to one of the vegan products in the market that have fortified Vitamin B-12 in it. Or the best way would be to as the doctor for a Vitamin B-12 supplement.

Vitamin D -Ā itamin D is critical for bone health. It is found in most animal dairy products but as vegan one must depend on sunlight for it. Yes, make sure you take plenty of sunlight, and you are good to go. Though you can also have it in various fruits and supplement you receive as a vegan.

Protein ā€“Ā Most of the veganā€™s complaint of not getting enough proteins thus reducing the muscle weight. However, we believe that covering up for the protein is one of the most natural things. All you need is tofu or beans or pulses or soy in one of your meals daily. We make sure to add soy to bake bestĀ vegan cakes in Melbourne.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids -Ā These are essential for improved brain function and are mostly found in fish. But as a vegan, you can get them from flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, and soybeans. Even Canola and Olive oil have a good value of Omega 3 Fatty acids in it

Calcium -Ā Calcium is found plenty in dairy, but there are plenty of vegan sources too. Tofu contains plenty of calcium along with other calcium-fortified alternatives to milk. Other good sources are green vegetables like kale, okra, and spring greens. Even almonds, chia seeds, and dried figs have plenty of calcium in them.

Iron ā€“Ā Iron is also found in animal products, and one may find it difficult to cover up on that. But adding Vitamin-C rich fruits in your diet can help you cover up the deficiency. The second and more subtle way would be using Iron utensils while cooking.

Though your body can transition into the veganism smoothly, there can be bumps when you find it hard to jell into a party or find your favorite restaurant with too few or no vegan options. So keep your family and friends close and share your experience with them. Use online searches like vegan restaurant and veganĀ cake shop near meĀ and keep collecting the data to hang out. Along with this, consider getting along with the vegan clubs and vegan hangouts in town. It will help you keep up the morale up and have a happy and not just a healthy lifestyle.

The riskiest or questionable phase on being a vegan is after a couple of months when your habits affect your health. If you are not getting enough protein or vitamins, your body will start pulling you down. Vegan diet overall is very healthy as long as you are ready to fill in the gaps we mentioned above. And veganism is not just about being healthy in body but also being happy and content in heart and soul, with the sacrifice one makes by this change. At Isher`s we cherish your lifestyle decision and try to serve theĀ best cakes in MelbourneĀ to make your life healthier and tasteful.

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