With every new cake, we bake, we keep experimenting, and come up with more methods of bringing taste to your palette. At Isher eggless bakers we follow a simple process and know that with the cake it's never one-size-fits-all. While choosing the right sweeteners, flour, flavor, and chocolates every different lot gives a slightly different result. So as we try new ways to bake the best birthday cakes Melbourne, we make sure that you get the best.

So we have lined up some of the necessary steps that help us in baking the cakes you love:

  1. Getting ready in advance:

As every baking treat anywhere around the world, make sure you have all your vegan ingredients prepared as per the requirements. Get a list of your dairy and related items and methods of replacing them ready in advance. The baking temperature and process need to be more elaborate. As when we replace regular baking ingredients with vegan ones the taste, flavor, and cake base texture changes as well. To bake the excellent vegan cakes in Melbourne, we take of all these small factors and keep trying new methods regularly.

  1. Taking care of sugar:

Sugar is one of the primary ingredients for baking. However, when baking vegan cakes, we have to use a bit different form of sugar. One needs unprocessed sugar that has a bit of brown color texture in it. This is the reason behind the light brown color in vegan cakes. While the caramel taste is due to the use of cane sugars as it retains most of the molasses. The particular thing you need to do is to grind it fine and procure it in the airtight container.

The unprocessed sugar has a higher tendency of getting lumps and sticky as it absorbs water from the air. Being, the best bakery Melbourne, we try various other combinations like maple syrup or dates. Easy as it may sound these sweeteners have a unique taste and have different tendencies when mixed with flour. For example, date sugar is difficult to dissolve at a normal temperature but burns very quickly.

  1. Replacing sugar with syrups :

The most useful form of syrup for vegan baking is the maple syrup but has close variants like rice syrup and agave nectar. Maple syrup gives the cake best possible sweetness with limited variation in flavor. Though the experts may know the difference, the maple syrup is the closest to sugar.

The other close option is the rice syrup, but it is known to make the cake soggy. If you use it in cookies, then it will make them extra crisp and crunchy that everyone may not like. As of the best cake shop Melbourne there is one little necessary reminder. When you use sweetening syrup, you might have to redesign your recipe and the liquid content in your batter will be higher due to the syrup. It is not a tough one, but it takes month and months to master the art of replacing sugar with syrups.

  1. Using the Fillers:

Agar is one of the most common fillings used along with other additives. The other fillers like cornstarch, arrowroot or tapioca make egg-free desserts softer and yum. Agar flakes gradually dissolve at room temperature, but you must keep it in water for at least 15 minutes before adding it in the cake mix. As far as other fillers are concerned, they will make the cake fluffy and try covering up the water absorption tendency of unprocessed sugar used in vegan cakes. All these fillers need particular methods of preparation. We have done years and years of experimentation to make our cakes memorable. So much so that when next time you search for a cake shop near me, you will remember this cake taste.

  1. Keeping it Egg-free:

The primary methods of keeping your batter egg free are by adding levitating agents. For example, you have to add another binding agent. Add other sources of fat and protein as well. As one of the best bakery Melbourne, our methods are unique, and we are open to new ideas as they come by. So we make sure that we have the perfect replacements lined up. The binding can be done by using the above fillers, and for fat, you might have to look for sustainable vegan fat or just vegetable oil. The baking powder will not only allow the fluffy texture but retain the texture. It also saves the cake from getting soggy the fillers like gelatin and agar-agar play an essential role. Though one may try to use traditional methods like a crumb coat to keep the cake fluffy.

When it comes to selecting the best vegan cakes, Isher eggless bakers is the number one choice of vegans for the best cakes in Melbourne. We are loved by our patrons and our tricks to keep our vegan cakes fluffy and light even without eggs is the critical factor. So next time when you are in Clayton do visit our store. Or you can directly order online for home delivery at

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