People bond over the food, especially if it's baked, moist, delicate, and sweet with lots of frosting. Well, yes, we are talking about cake. Everybody loves cake, they have a special meaning and have been a part of our celebrations for a long time. And the choices are endless when it comes to flavors, texture, and even frostings. If you are looking for a vegan cake in Melbourne, then Isher's got your back.

Businesses, just like people, have anniversaries and birthdays too. And people sure know how to make a big deal about it, they totally should. Whether it's a big celebration or a small one, these parties without a doubt have cake. Just a small startup? Well, order a small cake. A big 15-year celebration? Celebrate your milestones with a cake!

Businesses work hard to succeed, and they know how to party when they do. No matter the occasion, the personalized corporate cake can add a zing to your party. At Isher's, we get orders to bake a cake with a company/ brand logo theme to celebrate occasions at the office.

Our corporate cakes are one of the best cakes in Melbourne. Do you have the size, color, and budget in mind? We can bake a cake customized according to your specifications and requirements. We can make a small and classic vanilla cake or a multi-tiered extravaganza in a design that you like. Choose your favorite from our wide range flavors, design, and toppings to finish off the perfect corporate event with a perfect cake.

Are you still confused about the type of cake you should place an order for? Then let us help you out with a list of these fantastic mouth-watering cakes we have at Isher's.

IE 303 Number 3 Rainbow Cake

First up is our rainbow number cake. It's the perfect choice if you are celebrating pride month at your office or an employee's anniversary. Well, it's ideal for birthdays and milestones such as promotions, years of service, a successful quarter, or year.

It is covered in rainbow-colored buttercream rosettes all over it. You have five different flavors to choose from, and you can get the number customized. It'll fill colors in your party and put a smile on everybody's face. So, if you are looking for the cake shop near me for a Rainbow Cake then you are in the right place !!

Disco theme edible image cake IE 326

Office party around the corner? They are fun nights filled with dance and food. Our Disco theme edible image cake will be perfect for it.

It is available in 6 different flavors from vanilla to red velvet and two different sizes so that you can order beforehand according to your party attendance or employee strength. You can even get your company logo, illustrations, or any other image printed on top as the icing on the cake. No need to surf the net for cake shops in Melbourne, we've got your back. Get, set, Disco!

IE 200 Anniversary Cake

Celebrate your office/work/business silver or golden jubilee with this beautiful multi-tier cake. The white tiers and the golden icing will make your employees go WOW !! The white and golden buttercream roses add more delicious flavor it that you can't resist with a single slice. Moreover, this cake is also one of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne for office celebrations with a large gathering.

IE 151 Diwali Cake

Festival celebration in the office is a big part and making people, of all ethnicities, feel welcome is the responsibility of the HR department. People love food, and they bond over it pretty easily, especially sweets and baked goods. Our Diwali cake is fondant covered goodness with firecrackers, sweets, and colors to make it look as lively as the Diwali night.

This upcoming Diwali shows that you care. Make sure you order our Diwali cake to put a smile on your employee's face and strengthen your work relationship and stand out from the competition.

IE 202 Starbucks Coffee Cup Cake

Diversity and employee size in the office are directly proportional to the difference in taste buds. Not everybody likes vanilla or chocolate( why? Beats me, like how can you not like chocolate. C' mon man). Some people are even allergic to some flavors like almonds, gluten, etc. Some people don't like eggs. Do you know the best place to get eggless cakes in Melbourne? It's Ishers eggless bakery

If you are facing the same dilemmas, we have the perfect solution for you, cupcakes! These small packets are like Christmas and new year's party packed together in one mini cake. Our Starbucks coffee cupcakes are quite famous for corporate events. However, we have a wide range of flavors and designs when it comes to cupcakes. From red velvet classic cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to galaxy cupcakes with fondant dressing.

We believe that a corporate cake makes a great. Try it. Everyone from your clients, employees, to the bosses will be delighted with such a personalized treat. We can guarantee that your thoughtful, delicious gift will be etched in their minds forever.

They will feel cherished, valued, and delighted. Not only will it enhance your work relationship, but it'll also increase work efficiency, loyalty, and overall ambiance. Just a simple thank you or welcome note for new hires with a small cupcake to show that you care will go along mile than an email that says well done. Whether you are a startup in its initial years celebrating your first 100 transactions or a decade old company celebrating your anniversary, a cake is compulsory.

Get ready for your next party with the best bakery in Melbourne. We have the most decadent eggless cakes that are a feast for the eyes and the palate. Don't think, just order and get ready to stand out of the crowd and well eat your cake, what else.

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