Cakes are delicious, but what makes them stand out is the way they look. The decoration is a really important part of cake making. It's the final step that makes or brakes the cake.

There are many techniques that bakeries in Melbourne use to decorate their cake, such as fondant, vegan icing, image cakes, buttercream rosettes, to name a few.

While baking a cake for corporate events, the two most popular icing these days are fondant and edible image cakes. If you have any event coming up and are confused about what to choose, we'll help you out. But first, here a brief about what fondant and image cakes are.

Edible image cakes

Printed mug or T-shirt gift is so yesteryears stuff now. We know what's better than printing a picture on a piece of cloth, printing it on a cake that you can eat. It's flawless, effortless and picturesque.

Select a picture or thing you want to on the cake, figure out the party size and then the cake size, write everything down, and send. Isher is the best cake shop in Melbourne that offers edible image cakes. We use vegan and eggless edible ink to print out the pictures and edible frosting sheets.

Fondant cakes

Fondant is amazing, and you can find it almost every cake shop in Melbourne. You can do marvelous things with fondants that regular icings cannot. Fondants give a smooth finish to the cakes that make it look pretty and perfect.

Fondant is made with sugar, water, corn syrup, glycerin/vegan gelatin, and you can add food coloring to change the color. If the cake is stored properly, it can last up to 3 to 5 weeks. Apart from looking beautiful, it tastes good too. And if people don't like the sugary marshmallow texture, then they can easily peel it off.

At Isher's you'll get both fondant and edible image cakes at one stop. We try to bake the best cakes in Melbourne. It doesn't matter if it's a birthday, farewell or anniversary, we have a cake for every occasion. But to give you a little heads up, we have a list of few fondant and icing cakes that are our all-time favorite.

IE 178 Fondant Birthday Cake

First up is our fondant birthday cake. It's decorated to make it look like a bow tie tux. And this looks better than most people wearing it; you know what I'm saying? The combination of blue, black, and white color makes it look clean, sophisticated, and ready for a cocktail party.

The details in this fondant cake are on point, Like the bow tie, pocket square, and even the collars. All these little details with fondant can add a new dimension and feel to your cake. Just look at how perfect and flawless the base looks.

Available in customizable sizes and flavors this cake will be perfect for your next themed office party or even your boss's birthday.

Disco theme edible image cake IE 326

Next up is our Disco themed image cake. Look at the picture-perfect( pun intended) cake that can be the centerpiece of your next party. At Isher's we bake the best vegan cakes in Melbourne that are top-notch in taste, and we take cake decoration to another level with image cakes.

Everything from the inks and colors to the icing sheet is 100% vegan and edible. We use high-quality images on our cakes so that they don't pixelate. Nobody wants an image cake that looks blurry.

In our disco cake, the center image consists of a huge disco ball and party lights along with dancing silhouettes that make you want to start the party right this second. Music little fondant notes and stars add a dimension to the plane surface.

IE 302 Number 3 Ben And Holly Cake

Last but not least is our bestseller number series of cakes. If you are celebrating your office anniversary this cake will be perfect, replace the images with your logos, photos with clients, your achievements. The list of things you can choose from is endless.

If you are looking for eggless cakes in Melbourne that can steal the show, then this is the one. You can even make a collage and get it printed on your cake to show your journey. Of all the cake trends, this one is our personal favorite because of its fresh and out of the box approach. Nobody' likes blurry pictures. Don't forget to send in high-resolution images so that they don't pixelate when printed on the cake.

IE 151 Diwalicake

Festive celebrations are fun and a must-have in any office. We have a whole new range of festival-themed cakes at Isher's. To give you an example, we have our Diwali cake that is made up of fondant and little 3-D elements that make it look perfect.

Our Diwali cake has got everything from the lamps to the firecrackers and sweets. SO this Diwali instead of bursting crackers, eat them. Go green and go vegan with our Diwali cake.

Fondant and edible image cakes are popular cake coverings; however, they have their pros and cons. If you ask us what our favorite cake style is? We won't be able to choose one. While fondant looks pretty and flawless, it isn't necessarily the favorite texture to eat. And while image cakes taste and look fantastic, you won't be able to get the 3D effect that steals the show. It depends on your requirements and preference.

After you conclude, ring us up instead of googling

If you are looking for cake shops near me. Not every cake shop can get the fondant texture or image cake's print right. Isher's got the best cakes in Melbourne; you can order without any hesitation. We strive to provide you with the best quality cakes that are eggless, pretty, and delicious.

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