From a simple birthday party to a cozy high tea, vanilla cupcakes take up a popular place till today. Be it any party, you can expect them to be gone first. If you are looking for the Cup Cakes Melbourne, these eggless vanilla cupcakes top the list. They are tasty and can be made in less time.

After all, who does not like the divine smell of vanilla? Yes. Vanilla cupcakes are a total crowd-pleaser where one cannot stop having with just one. They are smooth as silk, moist, and a desirable option in many parties.

Often people have this misconception that cupcakes cannot be made without eggs. Well, you can bake a cake without eggs while having the same texture and irresistibly delighting taste. Nobody would believe that they are egg-free.

Well, if you have vegan friends, and you are planning to give them a sweet surprise. Take the role of a baker, and you can surprise them with totally dairy-free and eggless vanilla cupcakes.

You do not have to search for unusual or costly ingredients out of your kitchen. The process is simple and you can make the best cupcake with easy ingredients. Wondering how can you go about it? Here’s the magic.

To make the vegan vanilla cupcake recipe

You need a bowl and simple seven ingredients. Follow the step by step procedure to make a fluffy and moist vegan vanilla cupcake.

. To make vegan buttermilk, take a spoonful of lemon juice and pour into soy or almond milk, and keep it aside for three minutes

. Add sugar, oil, and vanilla essence into the milk, and beat the sugar nicely until it dissolves completely

. Add the flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt

. Mix the ingredients well and do not over mix the batter

. The batter should be in a cream consistent and should not have any visible flour lumps

. Then, gently pour the batter into the muffin tray and bake it for 15-20 minutes.

. Wait until the skewer comes out, and there you have the absolutely sweet-smelling vanilla cupcakes waiting to be tasted.

. Layer with vanilla cream and top it with some colourful fun sprinkles of your choice.

Pure bliss comes from tasting a delicious bite of vegan vanilla cupcakes infused with a sprinkle and bit of icing if need be. Moreover, no wonder this is one of the preferred vegan cakes Melbourne.

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