It is Valentine’s week! And what could be better than a pretty pink Berrylicious Strawberry Vegan Cake? Filled with strawberries, these cakes are not only gorgeous to the eyes but for the taste buds too. Being the best bakery Melbourne, we present moist, fluffy, strawberry-laden scrumptious cakes. As we do not use any artificial ingredient, we have blended in gorgeous strawberry puree from fresh packed full of natural strawberry flavor, and they have the most incredible color!

This Valentine special Vegan cakes are gluten-free and are infused with tons of fresh berries without adding any artificial flavors.

Not only special for this occasion, but these berrylicious vegan cakes Melbourne are suitable for baby showers, birthday parties, Easters, or any other occasion; you have to name it. Delicious and beautiful vegan cakes with each layer comprised of a surprise for you. Strawberries are great for any day and can be a star of any party. Or you can simply enjoy one to treat yourself. These cakes are worth trying. I assure you!

Chocolate Fruit Festival Cake

As the name says, it is like a festival celebrated on a cake. This tasty fruitcake features chocolate and delicious berries. It is a dense, moist fruit cake which is packed with berries. It is a vegan chocolate cake with a fun twist. The fruits added are very selective that is a bit more decadent and creative than the usual fruits found in a fruit cake. And, every time you search for a cake shop near me, you will desire to have this yummy cake.

Vanilla Mix fruit cake

Everyone loves the classic Vanilla vegan cake but what about adding a twist to it. Vanilla Mix fruit cake is a fantastic combination for kids who love fruitcakes. This Vegan Fruit Cake is gluten free, dairy free and egg free and to top all that off, and it is subtle to taste. This cake is perfect for any occasions from weddings, birthdays and of course Valentines.

Other cakes are Isher’s famous Everyday Cakes. These cakes are named Everyday because they are fit for every occasion and can be eaten anytime. These cakes are sure to be reordered once you taste them.

Would you like to know the best part about these Everyday Cakes?

Want to have a cake ready in a short time? And, searching for a bakery near me. Then, at Isher Eggless Bakers, we guarantee our customers to get the delivery of the vegan cake ready within just two hours. Yes, you heard it right. If you feel like having something sweet, order it online. We need two hours to bake your favorite everyday cake & bring a big fat smile to your face.

At Isher`s we bake some of the best eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne. Every cake we bake has the unique flavor and grace that makes our patrons come to us again and again. As one of the most beloved cake shop in Melbourne, we love to put all our efforts into making your celebrations more memorable. So why wait simple come online and order from our range of eggless and vegan delights at

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