More and more people are trying veganism nowadays. However, even when you try veganism for one reason or the other; people tend to lose interest over time. It might be due to the peer pressure or inability to cope up with the cravings. Most people find it difficult to find the vegan restaurants or decide what vegan food to try. As a vegan, you even abstain from eggs, honey and animal gelatin and almost every lifestyle dependency on animal-based products. Regardless of this, we have found that most of the traditional and popular cakes can be baked using vegan ingredients. So as the best vegan cake shop in Melbourne we have decided to take present some of the best vegan desserts. We have collected some of the oldest delights that have been given a vegan twist of taste and satisfaction.

Vegan Gram Flour Cookies

So we have finally moved from milk cookies to vegan cookies that are as yum as the traditional ones. While the taste remains the same, we can make a positive change in our health, environment, and animals. Here we have merely replaced regular milk with plant milk options like almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and other plant milk. On the other side, we have also replaced the butter with vegetable margarine and oil. These vegan cookies can also be baked with oatmeal instead of gram flour though the texture would be coarse. As you answer to the vegan bakery near me that offer cookies, this unique blend of Soy yogurt, gram flour, and cardamom form Isher`s is something every vegan can try. This vegan cookie is too tasteful for you or your loved ones to even notice that it is purely vegan.

Chocolate Coconut Crack Bars

The other way of making a vegan delight is to create something that may not need added dairy or eggs. Raw coconut itself is creamy enough that it hardly needs any additives to make it soft. As one of the best bakery Melbourne, we have tried and tested many coconut recipes. We have found that the consistency in coconut bars is even better than the regular bars due to the creamy nature. This boost of energy can be loaded with coconut oil, plain coconut and maple syrup as a replacement for sugar. The chocolate chips used in the bars are made with non-dairy special cocoa made exclusively for the delight of vegans.

Vegan Rosette Cake

Cakes are the best desserts in the whole world! At least as the best bakery in Melbourne we do try to make sure that you finish your every meal with a satisfying slice of a delightful cake. From past two years, we started coming up with vegan cakes and have upgraded most of our regular eggless cakes to the vegan style. This vegan rosette cake is a perfect example of a bundle of roses for your loved ones. With loads of vegan cream atop the cake and layers of creamy ganache, this signature cake is a delight for eyes as well as your palette. The cascade ombre color effect of this cake is something that will for sure make your guests looks twice at this beautiful cake.

Chocolate Fruit Pecan Pie

Regular Pecan pie, in general, is very dense. So we can try removing the butter and sugar and got a light and soft base of this European delight. With loads of fruits and a twist of flavor, this pecan pie could be made into great vegan delight. You can always replace the milk with the vegan one and eggs with the other raising agents like baking soda and vinegar. The twist of vinegar in this fruity delight will give this pie a unique taste. This combination of vegan chocolate, fresh fruits, and vegan cream is something that you will remember for a long time and every time you search for a cake shop near me.

Heart Shape Valentine Delight

While baking the best cakes in Melbourne, we decided to add a twist of vegan in our style. With Valentine around the corner are you thinking of something your vegan love would relish? Then this pink rose vegan cake is perfect for you. The pink flowers bouquet atop is something that makes this cake an ideal valentine’s day cake. With loads of vegan cream and rich, thick ganache, this cake is too yum, and you are beloved with a slice right into it to make your celebrations even better. We have delicately spent time collecting the best vegan ingredients that make you remember this cake forever. So that next time you search for a cake shop near me, Isher`s would be the gold standard you would look for.

Isher eggless bakery is the only choice for the best birthday cakes in Melbourne. With time we have gained the love of our vegan customers and launched a big range of vegan cake designs. So why wait come online and try some of the best vegan delights only at isher.com.au

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