Veganism has sparked a lot of buzz in recent years. You can now find vegan cake shops everywhere from New York to Melbourne. From a chocolate cake to a pineapple pastry every delicious bakery food item is available in its vegan form. So, whenever you search for a vegan cake shop near me, you get a list of vegan bakeries

It is understandable that being a vegan is not so easy, especially for the people who have recently turned to a vegan diet. They remove so many things from their plate, not only for the environment but also for their good health. Of course, it’s a nice feeling to do something good for flora and fauna, but no new vegan can deny the fact that sometimes it becomes difficult to resist those baked goodies.

Are you a dessert lover and have recently turned Vegan? Do you miss those delectable cakes? Want to bake vegan cakes for your guests for the upcoming party? Try the following tips and then see how amazing vegan desserts you can bake!

  1. Collect and put all your eggs in one basket:

Don’t worry; I am talking about vegan baking only. This proverb means to tell you that you should get all your equipment and ingredients together. This is more of a reminder to get fully prepared before you proceed with the recipe.

Keep your dry, and liquid measuring scales handy. Your baking pans should be ready. Prepare your oven with all the positioning and preheating. The nuts or seeds should be soaked, and tofu should be blanched. Chop or melt the chocolate. Bring all ingredients to room temperature. Accurate timing of putting ingredients and that too in the right amount will help a lot in baking. Pro Tip: Prepare beforehand so that you can cook with complete ingredients in the proposed time. We at Isher Bakers being the best bakery in Melbourne, make sure to bake all our eggless and vegan cakes with high-quality ingredients at accurate room temperature.

  1. Substituting the eggs

The eggs in the vegan baking can be replaced by many things depending on the purpose you want them to serve like binding, leavening or just fat. Finely ground flaxseed can be used for whole-grain baked goods. Also, they are ideal for pancakes and cupcakes. For brownies, quick bread and some cakes, Silken Tofu can be used. For fluffier bakery items, baking soda along with vinegar is a decent egg substitute.

Pro Tip: Mashed Bananas work wonders. You can add them to make your cake fluffy and full of moisture. The best thing about using them is that they contain natural sugar. So, you can manage the sugar level accordingly.

  1. Aquafaba – The new egg replacement

What is Aquafaba? This is a recent addition that the best cake shops in Melbourne are using. It is considered as one of the best options in the list of egg replacements in vegan baking. So, do you remember the liquid in the can of those chickpeas? Yes, that is called Aquafaba. This drained chickpea liquid can replace eggs completely in the baked goods. To use Aquafaba, you need one big bowl and a hand mixer. Whip this liquid until it gets foamy which can be used as a binder.

Aquafaba can work as a replacement for both the egg white and whole egg. Generally, the formula for using Aquafaba is:

3 tablespoons of Aquafaba = 1 whole egg

2 tablespoons of Aquafaba = 1 egg white

  1. Get your fats right

During my research related to vegan baking, I found out that many bakeries, including a very famous vegan bakery near me, were using Margarine to replace butter. You should know that many brands provide Margarine is made with hydrogenated oils which can be very dangerous for your heart. Therefore, look out for Margarine which is free from these oils.

Coconut oil is a great vegan alternative for butter. The amount of coconut oil required is equal to the amount of butter in the baking process. Olive oil can also act as an excellent substitute for butter. One unit of butter can be replaced by just over ¼ of the same unit of olive oil.

  1. Honey, you’re out!

Were you just forgot that honey is also a living “beeing” based (Pun-intended) or a non-vegan food product? Many cake recipes will ask you to use honey in baking, but for vegan baking, you have to replace honey too. Honey can be substituted by Maple syrup or agave nectar.

Maple syrup is also readily available in the stores and will provide you the same rich taste of honey in a vegan way. Rice syrup is also a good alternative which gives a smooth and sweet caramel taste.

  1. Unsweetened Non-dairy Milk

Just like mashed bananas (egg replacement), non-dairy milk also contains added sugars. These products contain added flavors and sweeteners. This makes you lose control over the sweetness of the dish. Also, do not ignore the viscosity of the milk you are using. Soy milk is similar to cow’s milk in terms of consistency. Almond milk is thin whereas coconut milk is thick. You can use according to your best judgment.

  1. Natural cocoa powder vs. Processed Cocoa Powder

Many people may think that the two cocoa powders are interchangeable. It is certainly not true. If that recipe of vegan chocolate birthday cake in Melbourne or coco chip cookies does not tell you which cocoa powder to use, then check which leavening agent is mentioned in the same. If its baking soda, then uses natural cocoa.

Highly processed cocoa powder is used in Oreo cookies which gives them their dark color. It is advisable that a minimal quantity of this cocoa powder should be used as they do not add any flavor.

I hope these tips will help you next time you enter into your kitchen and think about vegan baking. Vegan baking does not mean merely the change in the ingredients; it is an art of using these contents in a perfect manner. Just like traditional baking, vegan baking also demands practice to be perfect.

If you are a vegan and currently living in Melbourne, you need not google for the best vegan cakes in Melbourne, Isher Bakers is your one-stop shop. We bake our cakes with all vegan ingredients. You are sure to love these vegan delights from Isher!

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