We love our vegan customers at Isher Eggless Bakers. Thus we keep trying new and better ways of making the best vegan cakes in Melbourne. We have created a range of vegan recipes and designs that will make you fall in love with the vegan delights as much as any other cake. Even if you’re a vegan, or leaving dairy for your love for mother nature or animals, these indulgent dairy-free desserts promise to please your palate. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a fluffy, simple vanilla sponge cake for your evening tea or a full-fledged three-tier vanilla wedding cake, we have everything to make your celebrations memorable. Our range of vanilla flavored vegan delights comprises of traditional and delicate vanilla cakes. Along with this, we take our vanilla cakes to the next level with additions of fruit, fillings, and icing. In this blog, there are some of the best vegan vanilla cakes for you.

Vanilla Vegan Rainbow Cake

Baking a good vanilla vegan cake is much harder than to make chocolate or other potent flavors. It is because vanilla tends to get overpowered if blend with the wrong ingredients. So it took us months while we tested and crafted this colorful cake for our vegan fans. This delicious cake is a true reflection of the happiness that Isher`s eggless and vegan cakes spread in your life. The layers of this rainbow cake are stacked with loads of our signature vanilla flavored ganache that is known for its creamy and rich taste.

Vanilla Dream Cake

Creating a soft and moist vanilla base is different skill from just adding the flavor in the main buttercream. We intend to give the intense vanilla flavor to our vegan lifestyle lovers. Traditional baking techniques use butter that is odorless. But use whipping to add air in the batter along with eggs for structure and stability. However, for creating a soft and fluffy vegan cake, we use neutral flavored oil (like canola) instead of butter. We leave the rising art to baking powder, baking soda, and vinegar. However, as we discussed earlier even a slight overdose of any of this can change the aroma of the cake. As one of the best cake shop in Melbourne, we have set the standard quantity of each ingredient.

Strawberry Vanilla Vegan Delight

This cake is a combination of moist vanilla sponge with a subtle touch of vanilla icing and strawberry preserve. It is topped and coated with freshly made strawberry icing and frozen dried strawberry. This simple vegan vanilla cake is perfect for small and exclusive parties. Combining vanilla with any of the flavors is difficult as we do not want to overpower its mild delightful essence. However, while baking the best cakes in Melbourne and ensure that your vanilla vegan cake has a perfect balance of both the tastes.

Vegan Vanilla, Raspberry & Coconut cake

Loaded with fresh raspberry and vanilla icing this cake will melt hearts of all cake lovers. This delectable cake is edged in coconut. It has finished with swirls of frosting and loads golden raspberry on top. There is loads of little-dried raspberry mixed in soft cake base. It is something that will keep reminding you of the delicate preparation put in baking this cake. One bite of this cake will leave a mark in your memory. So much so that the next time when you search for a bakery near me; it will remind you of Isher Eggless bakers. This unique cake is the best vanilla fruit combination to light your party up in elegance.

Vegan Vanilla Rosette Cake

Who doesn’t love a bunch of roses especially when they come atop a delicious cake? Our Vegan Vanilla Rosette cake is one of the most loved vegan cakes. Rosette cakes, the best selling cakes from vanilla delight category. Our cake designers handcraft the beautiful rosettes. You can have a cake with multiple colors flower or merely add an ombre effect to give this cake unique look. This unique cream-filled cake is as yum as it looks. The soft and moist sponge has loads and loads of vanilla flavored icing. This cake will make your search for the cake shop near me and reach us out on our website.

Vanilla cakes or White cakes also tend to dry out if small details are missed out. We use a set combination of vinegar, that goes a long way. Vinegar not only helps in leavening but also works on gluten in the cake. Further, it makes the cake softer and controls pH levels to keep the cake from turning brown. Being, best bakery Melbourne, we are dedicated to offering you some of the best cakes and vegan desserts There are dozens of little baking tricks that can help you make your vegan cakes taste yum.

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