Well, that’s a mouthful title. High teas are common these days and people would appreciate if you include their preferred items on your menu. When planning to throw a tea party, keeping a surprise factor will surely excite your crowd. For that, you will need some new and unusual tasty accompaniments like vegan eggless cakes Melbourne, tea cakes, freshly baked biscuits, and some pastries for your guests to nibble. Some people may even try to incorporate finger foods to highlight the party.

If your guest prefers some fresh egg less cakes, it is better to have some freshly baked egg less cakes on the table. Also, reserve some tasty vegan cakes on your menu to delight your vegan friends. If you’re DIY baker and want to try some unique cakes menus to show off before the people, you can try seasonal cakes, cupcakes for children and even some crunchy cookies along with it. However, if you are running out of time, you can order from online bakeries in Melbourne to get it delivered. If you are planning a high tea, take cues from us to make a great evening time.

Set The Table

High teas are like a light supper. Whether you plan to serve a luxurious tea or simple and cosy intimate afternoon tea, you can create a picture-perfect table with simple adornments. Firstly, cover the table with a flower-patterned cloth or even chicken embroidered cloth before placing the items. You can place a uniquely decorative antique teapot with teacups, and some plates and cutlery to serve cakes. Also, don’t forget to place some beautiful floral in vintage cups. It can create a magical atmosphere within minutes.

Colourful Menus

Right from fresh and hot finger foods to chilled pastries and hot baked biscuits, the way you arrange it delivers the beauty. Use some classic dishes and cutlery to place these delicacies and set them on the table. The result will be a perfect tea-table.

Use Notes

In case if you are having both your vegan and non-vegan friends at your high-tea, you can place some notes saying egg less cakes and vegan delights ' this way to alert your vegan guests reach for their menu without any doubts.

Place Trash Bins & Hand Tissues

If you are a clean freak, and do not like food spills or mess around your party area, place some trash bins, and hand tissues to help your guests.

Bottom Line

Making the tea-table presentable is a must, and using these simple tips will make your tea-party a delightful one. Also, menus are what pull your guests in, so ensure to include some sumptuous cakes and pastries and crispy finger foods.

Over To You

If you are planning on taking help from a cake bakery for your tea party, call Isher Eggless Bakers on +61 1300 447 437 today.

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