Fruits add an extra dose of sweetness to cakes. Fruit cakes are no longer limited to traditional nutty plum cakes. You can make it rich with fresh fruits, creatively cut and layered with soft cream. Whether you want to make some vegan cakes Melbourne or an eggless fruit cake Melbourne, try this White Chocolate Raspberry Poke Cake. Only a few best cake shops in Melbourne provide this incredibly tasting cake dessert. It beats the hands down on many other cakes that you buy. Right from the curb appeal to the crunchy bite, when you seal the cake with beautiful raspberries, it makes the world to visit your plate. You can even try it with strawberries, kiwis, apples and many other fruits. The fruit fillings inside just seep inside the layers of the cake to provide a fruity flavour with each bite.

If you are looking to prepare a lavishly decorated cake, then this White Chocolate Raspberry Poke Cake is a must-try.

Firstly, you might wonder what a poke cake is. Poke cakes are cakes with small holes to add fruit and chocolate sauces or fruits to seep through the layers. You can cover the holes with yummy fruit slices. These are like regular cakes, but instead of having the frosting on top, you could insert a sweet surprise, which makes it taste delicious.

To prepare this cake recipe

Start whipping the butter until it turns pale and soft, and add in the sugar to combine with the butter.

Since it is a white cake, using butter made with white cream is recommended. Add vegetable oil and buttermilk into the batter to make the cake soft and fluffy. For the flavoring, add the almond and vanilla essences to get that traditional white cake flavour. Finally, pour the batter into the pan and bake it.

While the cake is getting baked, prepare a raspberry sauce for the filling and some white chocolate ganache.

Once the cake is baked completely, allow it to cool for a little while and make small holes in it.

Then spoon the holes with raspberry sauce in one row and white chocolate in the other row alternatively. To layer the top, prepare a white mousse, you can even use coconut cream to make the flavour light and easy. Mix the whipped cream and frosted white chocolate ganache and that’s all, your topping mousse is ready.

Finally, it’s all about that lavish decoration, cut the berries in creative shapes or let it sit on the mousse just like that on the top. A wonderfully filling super-healthy dessert cake is ready to serve.

Slice it gently and feel this heavenly vegan White chocolate poke cake just melts in your mouth.

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