Christmas is around the corner, and it's time to celebrate. A classic Christmas celebration is never complete without delicious cake desserts. Christmas cakes are made at the start of the season, whether they are home-made or bought from bakeries; people send yummy cakes to friends and families to mark this festive occasion. If you’re planning to throw a grand Christmas feast for your guests and friends, make sure to include some tasty cakes. Should you have any guests who are strictly vegetarians, you can opt for vegan eggless cakes Melbourne to make the dinner event more comfortable. When it comes to Christmas cakes, you don’t have to always settle for fruits cakes, here are some best cake recipes to try on. Let’s see what's on our list.

Double White Raspberry Cake

Who doesn’t love some berries on their cake? If you want to make a minimal yet stylish white cake, this is the ultimate option. It’s an easy fruit cake and doesn’t require soaking. With white buttercream on top and raspberry jam filling, this layered cake tastes delicious and can be prepared within an hour. You can have as many layers as possible for extra fun.

Strawberry Vanilla Cake

Are you in for some sweet fruit treat? Get this moist and delicious strawberry vanilla cake right away. With whipped cream and the combination of white cream layers, vanilla extracts and strawberry slices make this cake tender and gooey.

Chocolate Chip Cake

The mix of vanilla and chocolate cream on top, studded with chocolate chips, this eggless chocolate cake is everyone’s favourite. For a chocolate glaze, you can melt the chocolate and spread it all over. It will be moist and crunchy at the same time. Moreover, if you have vegan friends coming over for the Christmas party, make sure to present this to them.

Cranberry Vegan Cheese Cake

What’s a celebration without a cheesecake? Layered with vegan cheese and topped with frozen & sugared cranberries, this dessert just melts in the mouth. With dairy-free yogurt and plant-based milk, it just makes the cake soft and buttery. If you want to end the celebration with a sweet dessert, make this cake to highlight your party.

Bottom Line

Christmas season is the great time to bake, eat and enjoy and share delicious cakes with friends and family. If you want to relax and order vegan cakes and eggless cakes across Melbourne, order from Isher Eggless Bakers. For cake orders, call +61 1300 447 437 today.  

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