Summer is slowly coming to an end along with the beach season, but before we get ready for fall, we wanted to share another tropical fruit delight with you. Pineapple is one of the oldest fruits that were mass-produced and consumed. The South American fruit was once so favorite that it became a big part of the economy. However, with a spread of the word and taste, many countries started producing their pineapple, and the businesses were dissolved. However, the flavor remains, and as one of the most widely loved tropical fruit. It still holds the best position in the baking goods. This eggless cake is something that will make you go to a farm market and grab your pineapple to do some baking. Even making fruity, luscious springtime cakes can be fun even in the heat. So we got together some of the best cakes in Melbourne to give you a twist of tropical taste:

Upside down Pineapple Cake

This yummy pineapple filled and cherries coated the cake with brown sugar glaze is a delight for all. Loads of fruit inside the cake base keep the cake extra moist. Baking a pineapple cake can be a bit delicate task. As the amount of sugar and moisture is already high due to pineapple in the base, the preparation needs special efforts. This eggless delight is dedicatedly baked to give you a touch of tropical fruit with vanilla. The buttercream cake with white vanilla icing provides this cake with the look of the best vegan cake in Melbourne.

Pineapple Sunshine Cake

This simple, subtle cake is one of the most delicious pineapple cakes. Infused with light vanilla and ting of lemon this cake gives a unique blend of flavor. The bright yellow color of the sponge gives its name as pineapple sunshine cake. This cake has soft eggless cream atop with little sprinkles of pineapple giving it a look of sun rays falling atop it. This rich and creamy cake is an accurate reflection of how the best bakery Melbourne can turn a home recipe into a true masterpiece.

Orange Pineapple Cake

We love combining the fruits, and this orange pineapple flavor is one of those unique blends. This fruit delight a light and fluffy with the island flair. It has a unique combination of orange fruit flavor that gives this cake a perfect tropical touch. This is an ideal dessert for summer gatherings when you want to spend a light evening with family and friends. The eggless flavored topping is something you would love and remember us whenever you search for the cake shop near me.

Pineapple Shape Cake

This dedicated cake is pineapple vanilla combination but formed in the shape of the pineapple. The fantastic orange-yellow combination is perfect for kids who love relishing the fruity delight. It reminds of Sponge Bob Square Pants, who lives in a pineapple. You can even dress the cake looking like a themed cake. The cake can be adorned with buttercream or even fondant. This cake can be perfect for a big gathering. One might also have a small door and window on the icing with little cherries in dressing on them to give this cake a grace of being of the best birthday cake in Melbourne.

3D Pineapple Cake

This 3D version of our pineapple cake is a real dedicated piece of art. With the pineapple look all around, and cream piped in the form of pineapple spikes take a whole lot of precision and accuracy. This extremely beautiful and yum cakes take extra care in preparation. First, the vanilla pineapple cake base is made. The cake base layers are then set one by one with our rich, thick ganache inside. The cake base then scratched to give this cake its shape. Then with a crumb coat and icing, the cake is given the smooth finish on which the best cake makers in Melbourne design the exterior look. This cake is something that will remind you of Isher eggless bakers when next time you look for a bakery near me.

At Isher`s we bake some of the best eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne. Every cake we bake has the unique flavor and grace that makes our patrons come to us again and again. As one of the most beloved cake shop in Melbourne, we love to put all our efforts into making your celebrations more memorable. So why wait simple come online and order from our range of eggless and vegan delights at

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