Does looking at bananas remind you of the little yellow fellows, then you might be one of the fans of the cute, smart and brave Minions. Well, who doesn’t love these fruit obsessed, insane and cute little hench-casts. Especially for parents with toddlers, minions are a must for their memory list. From there shows and movies to birthday cakes to every little merchandise in little blue and yellow combination, one has to keep eyes open for them. The minions came on screen in 2010 in the movie Despicable Me. The film has gained fame in young ones and even adults. Every genre has loved Their funny, cheeky and geeky antics. So much so that these bright and discernible characters have become one of the most loved first birthday cake themes for the toddlers. With new movies coming soon, they are expected to stay in the top for years. Thus, Isher Eggless Bakers being the best cake shop in Melbourne, have sorted some of the best Minion theme cakes for you:

Evil Purple Minion Cake

So if you are in for the insane minions, this purple theme cakes would be perfect for your birthday party. These nonsensical and funny characters are the darker version of the yellow color minions and are still loved by all. The domed head of the eggless cake is baked separately in a different liner. The funny hair and knobby teeth and that nonchalant eyeball are the main highlights. This novelty cake needs more designer effort as the cakes have a lot more fondant in designing the slight distorted shapes and expressions. However as the most loved cake shop Melbourne we have taken it the cake decoration to our heart and love to do it for you.

Smiling Kevin Edible Image Minion Cake

Blissfully rich and perfectly carved this iconic minion character cake is one of the best eggless birthday cake. The minion character’s structure is set with multiple layers of baked stacks to allow artists do work on the look and grace. This cake goes beyond just cake design but also needs sculpting techniques along with cake stand construction to hold the ice cream in the extended hand. This minion birthday cake was sculpted and covered with fondant and gum paste combination to decorate this sweet delight. The soft and light sponge base of this cake has loads of buttercream signature ganache. The base is covered and decorated in fondant and the brighter color and features and done with hand-paint.

Batman Themed Minion Cake

This fun theme eggless birthday cake is the most fun for the toddlers. With the minion dressed up as the batman, it gives them butterflies. This cake has an extra twist of crazy costumes or quirky flavors. This super fun Batman themed Minion cake has a sleek black costume with the Batman symbol on the cake board. Minions are such fun to work with as they can be shaped into almost any design which makes them perfect for most occasions. By utilizing multiple techniques from quelling, hand-painting and wafer paper flowers are fun. This kids birthday cake is for sure going to be the center of attraction on your kids birthday party.

Stacked Minion Cake

This multi-tier Minion is so incredibly precious and boisterous that it meets the real character of the minions themselves. With the bottom layer meticulously covered in hand decorated with fondant designs, the middle layer has cast of their favorite tools. The top layer is coated with colorful rainbow sprinkles. The cake top is decorated with fresh buttercream dressing and minion sugar figurines on top. Each of these minion characters is handmade but can be replaced with toy toppers based on availability. This minion troupe birthday cake is meticulously constructed and arranged to project the lively personalities of these characters.

Two-tier Minion Cake

This extremely smooth buttercream decorated cake is made by using minimum fondant. This simple round shaped cake has the bottom layer set on the theme of the minion characters made of fondant on the surface of the buttercream base. The top of the cake has another load of the flavored buttercream in the minion shaped design. We allow you to get yourself a custom cake. Choose the color combinations so that we use it in coloring your fondant and create beautiful designs. This sweet and charming two-tiered minion cake has flat fondant characters at the bottom that makes this cake as lively as the adorable minions!. For last minute preparations, you can go online and select one of our edible image cakes. All you have to do is send us the image you love, and we will design the whole theme based on the picture with the edible image on the top.

Kit Kat and M&M`s Minion cakes

This tall cake has our minions looking outside of the barn grace. The corners of the cake are decorated with Kit Kat bars, and the top is filled with M&M's. The minion figurines are standing in the middle of the top layer covered with M&M's. This delightful cake has multiple layers of cake base within the single stack filled with flavored ganache. The cake is dressed in fresh buttercream before covering it with Kit Kat and M&M`s. This kids birthday cake is perfect for small gatherings. The Kit and M&M`s are both loved loads by the kids this cake is for sure to go off the table as soon as it is cut.

Minions are one of the most sought-after theme cake designs and need deep artwork due to their shape and gestures. As these cakes are for toddlers, we at Isher eggless bakers take care of all the extra care while baking for kids. Our complete range of eggless and vegan cakes are of premium quality. With our months of testing different vegan flavors today, we are the best answer to your question “where can I buy a vegan cake?”. While extending our range of cake delights we are today ready with our gluten-free cakes. So why wait come online and order your favorite theme cake from one of the best cake shop in Melbourne, at

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