Gone are the days when you’d order a simple circular or rectangular cake for special occasions. These times are now changing. With more advancement in gourmet, especially when it comes to cake, the time demands a change in serving and appearance too. You can get an edible cake decoration customized which might bear your own photo on it. And the best part is, it’s totally edible! With a variety of customized cakes available online, here is a list of exciting cake ideas, one may think that the cake shop near me can provide for my loved ones to make them feel more special.

  1. Train Cake

This cake is made up of soft, whipped cream and the wafers add more to the charm of this adorable best birthday cake in Melbourne. This edible cake decoration is most suitable for toddlers birthday celebration. Just a heads up, save you the hassle of buying a cake from the market. There is a wide range of customized cakes online.

  1. Guitar Cake

A perfect birthday cake for boys as a growing rockstar living in your home is a guitar cake. The best part of this cake is the edible cake decorations which would literally leave no trace of the cake consumed. You can also buy this customized cake online from the best cake shop in Melbourne.

  1. Superhero Cake

If you have someone who is a diehard fan of superheroes, make them feel special on their birthday by buying a customized cake online which would bear the decorations of their favorite superhero on the top. Don’t worry; the edible cake decorations would not harm your child. It’s totally safe to consume.

  1. Cupcake Cake

Imagine a cake in the shape of a cupcake. Amusing, isn’t it? Do you know someone who loves cupcakes? By ordering this birthday cake online or buying one from the store in the shape of the cupcake will make their day as better as they can imagine. Give it a try.

  1. Castle Cake

Your daughter deserves a castle from the best bakery in Melbourne. Make her birthday memorable by gifting her a castle cake by ordering customized birthday cakes for girl The edible cake decorations would cast a royal look on the cake and would make her birthday the best.

  1. First-Birthday Cake for Girls

If your daughter is turning one, you can definitely prefer this cake. The cake has a feminine touch of pink and ribbons on the top. The edible cake decorations make the cake more than perfect.

  1. Finding Nemo Cake

Is your child a fan of Finding Nemo? Say no more. We have a perfect birthday cake for your child. The cake is accurately brindled with the edible cake decorations which would give a real feel to the cake. Save you the hassle by buying this customized cake online.

  1. Minions Edible Image Cake

Who doesn’t love the Minions? Call it an adult or a child, this adorable Despicable Me character has stolen everyone’s heart. You can get this customized cake online with ease. Also, the edible cake decorations on it are as accurate as ever.

  1. Starry Birthday Cake for Girls

So your daughter is turning 15, and you are out of ideas to get a creative cake for her? You can check out a wide range of customized cake online. This cake is perfectly adorned with stars because that’s how you want her life to be like.

  1. Men-are-Men Cake

This is one of the hilarious cake ideas for your spouse. We guarantee you that your man will love you for this. The edible cake decorations in this cake will make his birthday as special as ever. You can buy this birthday cake online too!

  1. Disney Frozen Photo Cake

A Disney frozen photo cake with an Elsa, Anna and others make it an incredible choice. Available in five different flavours, namely vanilla pineapple, vanilla strawberry, vanilla mango, chocolate and black forest. This is no doubt a simple yet delightful cake that tops the list of best eggless cakes in Melbourne.

  1. Rainbow-Pillar Cake

Rainbows bring out the joy in everyone. Imagine each layer of cake laid with different colors, how special would that make someone’s birthday! You can buy such customized cakes online.

  1. Star Wars Cake

Do you know someone who is a big fan of Star Wars? Here’s a birthday cake you can gift them. With the adorable cake decorations, it would want you to keep these miniature figures safe instead of eating them. You can buy this customized cake online.

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