From casuals at work to flexible work timings, to changes in compensation, everything is planned to catch up with the latest trends. Gone are the days when the office was equivalent to workload and boring ambiance. The corporate world has undergone a series of changes to keep up with the millennials.

One thing millennials love is "To party like there's no tomorrow." Every corporate event these days is more like a time to unwind and have a good time. Apart from the dance and food, one thing you can't skip at these parties is dessert, more specifically a cake whether it's someone's birthday, a promotion or even if it's a farewell party. A cake is a must have at all the events mentioned above.

But when you plan an event or party on such a large scale you have to keep certain things in mind that can make or break your day, e.g., allergies, some people are vegan, some prefer eggless, gluten-free and the list goes on.

If you are also looking for the corporate cakes to make your next corporate event memorable for everyone without any hassles, then you should try Isher's eggless bakery. We are a one-stop for a search cake shop near me for all your needs and cravings.

Another thing to keep in mind apart from preferences is the flavor of the cake. If you are confused about it, then allow us to help you. We have a wide range of flavors and designs that will most likely steal your thunder( kidding, not). As finding the cake shop in Melbourne that caters to all these needs might be difficult.

Here are some of our best seller flavors for corporate events and parties.

Classic Chocolate Cake

A chocolate cake is a concoction of cocoa powder, sugar, butter, and happiness. It's pretty easy to bake it. However, the incorrect quantity of any ingredient will compromise with the quality. Baking an ideal chocolate cake is no child's play. We work diligently on balancing the texture of a cake with a distinct chocolatey goodness sketch.

A chocolate cake should have a rich flavor, a blast of cocoa butter moist, dense yet soft flavor with dark chocolate color. The richness of the chocolate cake is mouthwatering. Smooth buttercream frostings for chocolate ganache can help elevate the richness and flavor.

Cakes and cupcakes, whatever you need Isher's got em all. We make sure to offer you the best cakes in Melbourne.

Vanilla with dark/white Chocolate Truffle (Starbucks's coffee cupcake)

Well, a classic vanilla cake is nutty, buttery with a delicate texture and delicious crumb. The old fashioned brown glaze is the most beautiful thing you could ever see. You can never go wrong with it, but adding a little twist never hurts.

Different guests have different preferences, depending on that you can transform this classic delicacy by layering it with strawberry, vanilla, sour cream or chocolate ganache, cream cheese frosting, oh the list is endless, but our favorite is a dark/white chocolate truffle.

At Isher's you'll get the best eggless cakes in Melbourne. Our freshly made whipped dark and white chocolate truffle buttercream with soft buttery vanilla cakes is smooth and creamy. This cake is every cake lover's dream. If this piques your interest, then our Starbucks's coffee cupcake is the one for you.

Black Forest Cakes

Another flavor on our list is the world famous black forest cake. Germany's most renowned contribution is this indulgent treat to our taste buds. We can't thank you enough, Germany!

Well moving on the taste, imagine layers of spongy chocolate cake layers combined with whipped cream, cherries and, the best part, more chocolate shavings, well there can never be enough chocolate in the world.

Fun fact!!

Did you know that the original name of the black forest cake is 'Black Forest Cherry Torte cake'? Isher's black forest delight is one amongst the best vegan cakes in Melbourne.This cake will make sure that all the chocolate maniacs at your party will be delighted and the ones who are not a fan of chocolate will be happy too because of the tartness and fruity flavor of cherries packs a mean punch. We love it, and you'll like it, people. It's worth the buddha belly, we promise.

Red Velvet Cakes

If you have ever tasted a Red Velvet cake, you must know that it's an experience in its own. The explosion of flavors leaves you guessing, and it's more like Christmas in a bite. Type red velvet in cake shop near me and besides the namesake cake, you'll find that this flavor has been incorporated in many desserts.

All the chocolate lovers and vanilla lovers will be thanking you at the party. Why? Because the complex red velvet flavor is filled with the sweetness of a moist vanilla cake with a hint of cocoa that balances the flavor.

The traditional red velvet cake used to have beetroot that gave it it's signature color. Vinegar and buttermilk for the higher acidity and natural cocoa when combined makes the cake tender, moist yet flavourful. But not everybody can create this masterpiece correctly. Finding a good, moist red velvet is not a task now because of Isher Eggless Bakers.

We understand that big or small, corporate events need to be perfect no matter what. And cakes are as special as your event. For a perfect cake, you should order from the best bakery in Melbourne that can satisfy the taste buds of your guests.

What do you have in mind? Chiffon? Sponge? Fruit? Dry cake? Check us out, and you'll find everything you need at Isher's. We'll make sure that each of the flavors you want is exclusive and perfectly catered according to your needs and taste.

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