Of course, there are many ways to celebrate your special occasion, but when it is paired with a perfect cake, your occasion will be unforgettable. Cakes are a complete bliss in any celebration and people always go for tier cakes, fondant cakes, and sometimes even extravagant vegan cakes to mark their occasion. When it comes to cake selection, vegan eggless cakes Melbourne are gaining attraction, and love from all over the world for its sleek style and delicious taste. It is not only great to look, but also Instagram worthy. If you’re planning on designing a minimalist cake, just stick to these simple things.

Try Subtle Nude Tones

Minimalist cakes don’t have to be white always. You can try different nude tones. Also, when designing these cakes don’t put too many patterns and skip vivid colours. You can be simple and stick to nude colours like light peaches, apricot, faded yellow, dusty brown, and more.

Skip Ruffles & Patterns

Do not overcrowd your cakes with too many patterns like frills and ruffles. If you crowd it with many designs, it may look like a traditional birthday cake. Minimalist cakes have to be simple, yet beautiful. To achieve that in-depth earthy look, you can stick to one simple design, and pattern, and finish it off with less effort.

It’s All In The Details

As the cake box is going to be unveiled anyway, you can focus on decorating the table with beautiful flowers, candles, and a cake stand. Instead, making decorations on the cake, these external decors will make it more grand and unique.

Get Creative

Cake shapes don’t have to be round all the time. Apply any shape that you like, and place a unique topper like pictures or letter stand, or tiny gift as a topping, as this would make the audience curious.

Bottom Line

With these simple tips, you can make your minimalist cake from ordinary to extraordinary, and make it as a centrepiece.

Over To You

If you have a special occasion coming up and want to design a beautiful eggless minimalist cake, let our cake artists help you. For cake orders, call +61 1300 447 437 today.  

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