Planning to throw a Peppa pig themed birthday party for your princess? We are sure you must have ordered all the decorations and elements that you will need to make it a hit. But one thing that you absolutely can not miss is the cake. That's probably the only thing that you should not risk DIYing. If you are looking for bakeries in Melbourne that can make the best Peppa theme cake, your search ends here.

Peppa became such a famous and common household name. If you don't know who she is, you might be living under a rock. But we'll help you come out of there. The reason she's famous is that she is a preschool pig, who participates in many energetic activities and has a lot of fun with her family and friends while learning something new every day. And the best part? She loves cake, just like us. Kids look up to her. So throwing a Peppa themed party is a good idea.

At Isher's we bake the best eggless cakes in Melbourne without compromising on taste. Our themed cakes look flawless and almost too good to cut. You can get customized Peppa pig cakes in any flavours you want. We have mouthwatering flavours like chocolate, vanilla mango, vanilla pineapple, black forest, red velvet, classic vanilla, strawberry, fruit cakes, and many more.

Apart from the variety of flavours, we have a lot of styles and base materials that you can choose. We have included five best sellers from our shop that will help you narrow down the list. Keep your knives and forks ready. Let's dig in.

Peppa Pig Fondant Cake

Fondant cakes have been in style and demand since ages, and there's a reason for it. They hold up well at room temperature; you can achieve that smooth finish and polished look with fondants, which makes them an excellent alternative for piping decorations on the cake.

If you are looking for a cake shop in Melbourne that can deliver fresh fondant cake with Peppa theme, try our IE 176 Peppa Pig Fondant Cake. It's a one-tier fondant cake available in 4 different flavours with the fondant stars to decorate and give a unique touch to this light pink cake. The fondant crown centerpiece on the cake-top completes the cake.

Peppa Pig M&M Theme cake

Well, kids and adults love M&Ms. I am writing this blog while munching on some peanut m&Ms myself; they're that good. Our Peppa pig M&M theme cake is decorated with M&Ms to make Peppa's face. Pink for the skin and brown for the nose, dark pink for lips and blue M&Ms for the eyes, etc. you got the gist, right?

This cake is such a massive hit amongst the kids because it has got everything they love in a single slice. You can keep vanilla strawberry as the base that will be a great combination with the smooth taste of buttercream frosting and chocolate crunch from the M&M's. The best part, you can order to make it vegan. All that deliciousness will be dairy-free, we promise — the best vegan cakes in Melbourne for sure.

Peppa Pig Buttercream Frosting Cake

Rosette cakes as the name suggests looks like a bunch of rose floral patterns made of frosting. It can be piped on the cake using different piping tools to create different "petal" effect. A cake decorated with pink rosettes all around with Peppa's head on top. You can opt for a green-colored buttercream instead of pink to give it a lush garden feel too. If you are looking for the best cake shops near me, Isher makes the best rosette cakes in Melbourne. The flavour of the cake will be totally up to you and your kid, but we suggest you let them have their pick.

Peppe Pig Edible Image Cake

If you are looking for a flawless, effortless and picturesque cake decoration, you should opt for edible image cakes. All you have to do is send you kid's favourite Peppa pig image or edit it with your kids' image, jot down a note you want to put on the cake and press send. Isher is the best cake shop in Melbourne that can offer you vegan edible image cakes with doorstep services. We use vegan and eggless edible ink to print out the pictures.

Peppa Pig Rosette and Fondant Cake

Moving ahead, we have the amalgamation of rosette and fondant. It helps to achieve the flawless look that fondant is famous for with a delicate touch from the rosettes. Fondant looks good, but not everybody is a fan of fondant flavour. If you or your kids don't want a full fondant cake, this is the best option for you. Get the best Peppe Pig birthday cake in Melbourne for your kiddo.

The cake will be covered in rosettes all around with a small fondant Peppa as a cake topper. Kids will love it, they can play with it and then eat it. But if your kids like it too much, keep it in the fridge to make it stay longer. We suggest you go with red velvet flavour as the vanilla flavour with a hint of chocolate will make kids go gaga over it.

This sums up our list of best-seller ideas for a Peppa pig themed party, but we have a lot more options you can explore on our website. From flavour to ingredients and colours to size, get it all customized according to your preference and occasion. The best cakes in Melbourne are just a click away from you. Order online or visit us, tell us what you want and we will deliver it.

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