Frozen`s Disney has been the most successful cartoon animation movie of all times. The craze that started five years ago is still carrying on. As frozen theme characters are still number one choice of little girls. So much that Frozen Theme Parties are becoming one of the best options of girl`s birthday celebrations. The lead characters Elsa and Anna are the most loved Disney princesses today. Moreover, the music of this fabulously animated spectacle keeps the kids amazed to this date. At Isher Eggless Bakers we bake the best birthday cakes in Melbourne, and Frozen theme cakes are one of the most sought-after Birthday cakes for girls.

So now if you are planning to throw a Frozen theme party for your beloved daughter, then Frozen would be the best choice. It has all the things that the little ones dream of, from Dresses to ponies and Trolls to reindeer. Not just that, the effort we put in baking these amazing eggless birthday cakes, will make your party even more amazing. So let’s take a look at some of the best designs that you can search online to buy birthday cakes near me and throw a party you kid would remember forever.

The pretty princess

Well, this cake is a perfect reflection of Elsa. The market is full of the merchandise inspired by Elsa and the whole troupe. You will find clothes, school bags, playing kits and many gifts just reflecting Elsa. So to take care of this unending craze for the Disney princess We have got our Princess theme cakes for you. This cake has Elsa Figurine on top, and the cake tiers are decorated as her dress. The Blue color cake is fantastic to look at and tastes as yum as it looks. The fresh cream cake has layers of our light, and moist sponge got together to give this cake a great look and taste altogether. This cake is a true masterpiece and serves a large gathering. This cake is perfect for your princess`s first birthday cake. We use the top quality fresh ingredients for all our eggless and vegan cake delicacies to make your celebrations most memorable.

Disney frozen Cake with All Characters

This showstopper cake is perfect for an exclusive gathering. The characters cut out of edible image prints and fondant designs are an excellent site to adore. The cake has majestic frills on sides that give this cake and impressive look. It has a conglomerate of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and Hans all looking adorable. The complete group surrounds the Birthday Year Number that is designed in the Middle of this beautiful cake. This beautiful cake is a fantastic combination of a Number cake and Themed fondant cake. This amazing cake is for sure going to keep your little guests intrigued.

Disney Frozen Theme Cake

Disney has always been a big thing for kids of various age groups. From little ones to school going every kid is somehow touched with this awesome movie characters. This simple themed cake has our most beloved Disney themed characters at the top. Yes, we are talking about no other character but Elsa and Anna. The cake top has an image of them together giving this cake a great look. The cake also has additional flowers on the top and bottom sides. The flowers are in both red and blue colors so this cake compliments both Elsa and Anna. The sugar pearls on the top offer this beautiful cake a finishing touch. This cake is one of the basic cakes that you would find by searching princess`s cake shop near me.

Elsa edible Image Cake

This cake is entirely devoted to Elsa and the beauty and confidence she reflects. The multi-tier cake has a beautiful Edible Image topper on top. The cake also has a beautiful bread made of edible lace or fresh cream, spiraling down from one tier to the other. The cream color bread gives this cake a complete 3D effect while keeping the cake almost untouched by fondant anywhere else. The cake has our best in class fresh ingredients that are for sure to excite your taste buds. Moreover, this cake can also have blue or pink color decorations as per your theme party. This impressive cake is one of the best edible image cakes and is for sure going to make your celebration a memorable one.

Frozen Edible Image Cake

This cake is inspired by the iconic image of the frozen characters including Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf. This wonderful edible image has our signature ganache and creamy buttercream icing. The buttercream goes great with the beautiful image topper. The tasteful moist and light sponge of this cake stuffed with our flavored ganache. The taste it offers is for sure going to linger on in the mind of your guests. As a customizable option, we give our customers a choice to select any shape of the beautiful edible image cakes and send us the Image you want on your cake.

The kid's obsession with the Frozen is far from going anywhere soon. These characters dominate the industry as one of the most sold merchandise items for little ones. The cakes we have mentioned are just a glimpse of what can be done with the fantastic inspirational characters. Themed cakes can be designed on each character you love or the whole troupe. They can even have just some specific scene or quotes that make your little one wonder. At Isher Eggless Bakers, we bake some of the most exciting theme birthday cakes for every genre. So whenever you in looking for a place to buy eggless cake near me, come online and order your favorite theme party cakes at

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