Fondant is the latest trend in cake design. It takes the possibilities of cake design to a whole new level. Fondant is a simple combination of corn syrup, sugar, and water. Sometimes even gelatin or glycerin is added into it for better shine and smoother finish. It is a great decoration method that saves us from the complete process of marzipan and then icing. It is even better than marzipan as now day’s people prefer nut free and egg free food due to allergies or lifestyle choices. Isher Eggless bakers offer the best eggless cakes in Melbourne and ensure that all our bakes are nut-free as well as egg-free. However, fondant is not always the best option if you know how to handle delicious and smooth buttercream.

Yes, buttercream is a beautiful replacement for Marzipan, Royal Icing as well as fondant. Though buttercream does have certain limitations such as the inability to stick to a particular shape at room temperature or lack of shape forming capability, its taste overcomes all. Apart from this where buttercream is concerned, it can be colored easily and can be given swirls very easily. Along with this it generates very smooth shapes when piped and provides an excellent finish while covering a wide area. And if you are another cake lover who doesn’t like the fondant, then do not to worry, we can even bake a range of fresh cream cakes in the designs you love. Let’s take a look a couple of our best non-fondant custom cakes in Melbourne.

Pink Aumbrey Rosette Cake

The first cake in line is beautiful; fresh piped rose loaded cake. The cake has roses as cake toppers lined up with gradual ombre effect making it look like a rose floweret. This multi-layer cake has five distinct layers of the cake base. Each layer of cake has loads of flavored ganache making it full of taste. This cake is perfect for medium to large gatherings. The ombre effect on rose from pink to light pink and cream is itself a site to adore. This cake is ideal for springtime parties and romantic engagements. This cake is one of our best cake in Melbourne and can be designed in the flower color blend of your choice on call. The fresh cream cake is also available in a Vegan version.

Everyday Fresh Fruit Cakes

Most of the fresh fruit cakes are made with buttercream. And buttercream and fruit are great blends. You will even find plenty of eggless buttercream flavors added with real fruits. Our fresh cream cakes are a selection of sponge and buttercream loaded with fresh seasonal fruits is our great choice for fondant free cakes. The classic fruity cake flavor of has an indulgent, light and refreshing fruity flavor. The cake combination can have Strawberries, Kiwi, pineapples, and cherry as per your favored fruit. Some of our clients even prefer mango, apple, and banana in main cake flavors, and can choose our signature ganache. Every bite of this perfect blend of natural flavors and textures is creamy and indulging. This creamy fruitcake is a great choice for a healthy dessert. Therefore, Isher, your best bakery in Melbourne brings a wide range of fresh fruit cakes of your choice.

Elsa frozen edible image Cake

Well, Elsa from frozen is one of the most adored characters by the young ones. The frozen movie by Disney has set benchmarks in the animation industry with the love it has gained across the world. Our Elsa frozen edible image cake is the perfect combination of skill and edible icing print. The top of the cake has a beautiful edible image of Elsa with cream floral wine on the side. The unique pink colored cake has two tiers with a fresh cream braid from Elsa`s image giving the cake a 3D look. This single and multi-tier cake has our very light and moist sponge with loads of flavored ganache. This cake is a perfect example of a birthday cake for girls.

Number 3 Rainbow Cake

Number cakes are perfect for the anniversaries and birthday celebrations. This cake is a special mention in our list of fresh eggless buttercream cakes. The cake has an extravagant tempting hand piped colored rosette. Like all other cakes, it`s light with moist sponge smothered in generous frosting. The cream loaded cake is a pure show stopper with its bright rainbow color combination. The light-flavored desserts are available in Chocolate, vanilla, mango or strawberry flavors with handmade vanilla flowers. This cake is perfect for a large gathering and serves a big party well. Moreover, as the option to serve your answer for a cake shop near me we can bake the cake into a number of your choice.

Floral buttercream cakes

This moist and fluffy vanilla cake with the colored buttercream rose rings has a deep flavor. The dressing is set to complete by little silver sugar pearls giving these cakes a delightful look. The elegant, stylish and beautiful cakes have buttercream roses adorning the top of this heartwarming cake. Though Buttercream flowers and decals have always been a part of the classic buttercream cakes, our everyday floral cakes are the best birthday cakes Melbourne that let you through a very wide range of flower designs. The floral vine dressings in these cakes are something to fall for. These glamorous rich cream cakes can make your special day a memorable one for your close friends or family.

Regardless of all its advantages we know fondant isn’t to everyone’s taste. We love to finish our no fondant cakes off with a range of flavored ganache. Isher eggless bakery offers a wide range of fresh cream cakes that will make you fall in love. Our rich cream cakes are available in vegan variants a well. We offer the best eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne, baked and decorated with our handpicked vegan ingredients. At Isher`s we also love to customize the cakes for you, so if you have a fondant cake design in mind that you want in fresh cream design with even vegan our gluten-free combinations for you. So order online at to get your special cake fondant free.

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