Cherry blossom tree is loved worldwide for their delicate pink flowers. From Japan to the Himalayas to the US and Australia, cherry blossoms are adored everywhere. Though the tree flowers only for up to 10 days in spring, it is nevertheless one of the most sought-after beautification trees worldwide. The cherry blossom petals are also known as "Sakura" which in Japanese means a symbol of renewal and hope. Besides being one of the best – selling fragrance in the US, and traditions Japanese Sakura tea. These petals are also in style as the flavor for treats like cakes, and cookies. And these undeniably romantic cakes with flower swirls cascade are all set to be a hit during weddings and engagement parties.

As springtime is on in Australia, the wedding seasons is in herald by pink floral cherry blossoms. The spring in Australia is the best known for its flower festivals. It is for the couple`s that are ready to tie the knot this spring we have quite a sensation for you. Simple and sweet, a cherry blossom cake is most loved in all the celebrations of love. From a bridal shower to a wedding reception or an anniversary, the eye-catching floral branches make this beautiful cake stand out among the rest. Imagine the picture perfect multitiered cake for your party. This whimsically romantic, and swirly cake is dazing the spirits on this spring season.

What's Inside -

The beautiful smooth vanilla buttercream with a natural ivory floral flush finish on eggless cake sponge layers looks adorable. The frosting is graceful as best frosting jobs of Buttercream. The fillings are to complement the color and texture of cherry blossom petals. Our bakes are having our special ganache drip glaze over tiers of delicious sponge cake. The Lovely, lofty and light vanilla sponge layers with silky vanilla meringue buttercream are a treat for your taste buds. The two-tier cake with our unique light filled and layered with vanilla buttercream is great inside as outside. The sponge flavor can be set to mild vanilla, but it can eternally custom from our delicious recipes. And well when you are at it, why not ask for a different sponge flavor for each tier!

The Dressing -

The dressing of this special theme cake is complete with a blossoming branch or two from a real tree. The pretty handmade Cherry blossoms make the prettiest of finishing touches to the buttercream swirls. The flowers are made with sugar or eggless cake buttercream. The hand piped floral dressing, and flowers look like a plush towering the cake bouquet. A swift smooth down the dabs of frosting is done to get a better-textured effect on the flowers, making them look like real petals. The antique style of this cake has blended with the contemporary flower dressings. This opulent cake conception crowned with a delicate spray of cherry blossoms is a showstopper.

This cake is perfect from a private party to a grand city hotel party; this Ivory Flourish Cake will fit right in. This cake is for vast gatherings. Which means there is plenty of space to drape it with your personalized message. Your celebration cake should reflect your joy and should tie in with the theme of your memorable day. Our cake that looks as good as it tastes, so more so that it’s so delicious that gives your guests something talk about. And they will be talking about this show-stopping romantic cake long after it`s gone. In general most of our cakes are two-layer or three-layer but we always can stack cakes to make multiple tiers for your event. Isher eggless bakery is one of the best bakeries in Melbourne. We allow you to chose flavors, colors, and decorations to meet your requirements.

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