You must have seen the Number Theme Cakes at many parties. In fact, on social media, it is trending, and I am sure you want one for your birthday. Children want a unique birthday cake for their birthdays. Therefore, the best cake shop in Melbourne provides a creative and beautiful number cake ideas to make your celebrations more special.

Number 4 Princess Cake:

Most of the girls want princess cake for their birthdays. It is turned out better when you can see your pictures on the cake. Isn't it? If your daughter has turned 4 and wants princess cake for her birthday, then you can order vegan number 4 princess cake from Isher Eggless Bakers. This cake is one of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne.

Number 2 Racing Track Cake:

Racing track cake theme is loved by kids who love cars and racing. A smooth edible racing track would never go unnoticed at parties. It is one of the most popular theme cakes in the world. Search the cake shop near me, and we will deliver it to your doorstep. Small cars on the cake make it more stunning and unique. Designer cakes are nowadays a trend. The mouth-watering racing track theme cake is every little boy's fantasy.

First Birthday with Looney Tunes:

If it is your child's first birthday and he loves cartoons, then go for the special Looney tunes cake. The different lip-smacking flavors that can make you gorge on such a yummy cake in a guilt-free manner. The Looney tunes cake is trendy and sophisticated. It is just right for your adorable one-year-old kid. The cake comes in different flavors, and cute little tunes over it make this sweet delight more tempting as well as adorable. Looney tunes are one of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne; you can order for your child's birthday.

Number 3 Rainbow Cake:

Deciding on the party theme, decorations, cake, and activities are just like part of the celebration itself. Kids will be happy if everything is done by keeping their favorite things in mind. The rainbow cake with a fruity flavor covered with white cream frosting and topped with a spectrum of frosting dollops is too delicious to eat. At Isher's, we make sure to deliver the best cakes in Melbourne both rich in taste and quality.

Number 3 Ben and Holly Cake:

Kids love watching animated series. What if they get their favorite characters birthday cake surprisingly? Ben and Holly are one of the animated characters that children enjoy watching. It is the most loved show on television. Therefore, parents prefer to have a cake as well as party decorations around this theme. You can search the best bakery Melbourne to get the most excellent Ben and Holly cake for your kid's birthday bash.

So, if you are looking for the number as well as theme-based cakes, Isher is perfect for fulfilling your expectations. Login to and order your favorite sweet delight now.

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