Unicorn is a legendary animal represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead. The fairy tale animal is loved by kids worldwide due to its colorful presentations. It is also said to hold immense power and symbolizes purity and strength. Its distinct longhorn, flowing mane and magical powers attract kids. People have been fascinated with the unicorn for years.

Unicorn cakes are all over the parties, and it has become an obsession to plan themed parties. If you are searching for a cake shop near me, making the party for unicorn lovers more exciting and glittery; then Isher Eggless Bakers introduced you the unicorn cake. Themed desserts are ruling the market as people’s love for the fairy tale resemblance nowadays.

Children are charismatic fans of the unicorn these days. The ancient story of the unicorn and its magical powers against evil people entice children to the core. They feel the deepest interpersonal affection with the unicorn. Why not give them a surprise unicorn themed party on their special day. Just knock the door of Isher Eggfree Bakery and get dazzling eggless cakes in Melbourne.

A tempting and delightful frosting with a cake pop on the top-sided with two cute little horns makes this cake look more adorable like unicorns. Not only children, but many other people are also in love with this majestic animal and has become the current infatuation for them. They want their cookies, deserts designed in unicorn style. Isher Bakers, being the best cake shop in Melbourne, is the only place for such theme treat lovers.

This tiny gold-rimmed cake can also be used as the top tier of wedding cake. The mane toned in gold, blue, and pink add absolute grace and elegance in the cake. The amazing mashup of color and texture will make your eyes shine with love. The colorful theme of your wedding cake will make your special day filled with purity and elegance. You can also have this cake for your birthday party, an anniversary celebration or any other occasions.

This festive cake can steal the thunder of your events with its shimmering beauty and fantastic taste. The tender base, moist crumb, delectable taste, and majestic look of this cake will not let you stop with one slice.

Themed parties these days are the most stylish trends, and having a unicorn themed party is something so loved by the people. What are you waiting for then? Enjoy your special day with this unique and distinct eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne. If your children are deeply in love with this legendary animal, surprise them with unicorn cakes and also you can inspire them with the stories of this ancient creature. At Isher, we bake the eggless cakes in Melbourne with all the healthy ingredients, using natural colors and organic products.

There are varieties of size, flavors, and types of cakes. Vegan, gluten-free, egg-less, and nut-free cakes are few of the healthy options Isher Bakers offer. You can have this cake in any flavor and dimension of your choice.

Spread the power of truth and purity with the best cakes in Melbourne all around.

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