Summer is in full bloom here, with all the greenery, clear sky and holidays and along with them, the open air celebrations are back in Melbourne. These celebrations are loved by kids especially when they get a chance to be with friends and family out in the open. And when we talk about open-air celebrations, nature, and colors, we cannot skip the beauty of butterflies. Moreover, December is the month for butterflies’ across Australia, and you would find them spreading beauty across the land in this warm season. Moreover, at this particular time of the year, it is not unusual for people to fall in love of bright colored eggless birthday cakes. So to mark the beginning of this new year we have put together a unique collection of our favorite Butterfly cakes.

Pink Butterfly Blossom

This beautiful rectangular cake is unique in its grace. With dozens of colorful butterflies atop this beautiful fresh cream cake, it is a perfect birthday cake for girls. The single tier cake has our signature ganache and fresh buttercream icing on top. The cake has a set of soft, moist sponge layers baked in the flavor of your choice. The sponge layers are stacked and put for freezing before the icing. This Elegant cake is coated with light pink icing with colorful butterflies and sugar flowers of vibrant colors. The butterflies can be made with marzipan cut outs or simple fondant cut outs. Your daughter would fall in love with her name and greetings written in the middle of this lovely pink cake.

Butterfly Princess Cake

This elegant cake has the wings of the butterfly made from cake base cutout. The beautiful cake has fairy between the wings making the cake look like a princess cake. The wings of the cake are made of tasteful light sponge with pastel color designs on them. The wings are finished with silver sugar pearls and candy sprinkles. These can also be designed with layers of fondant or even the bright spots of fondant for design. This butterfly cutout cake is for sure going to be the showstopper at your daughter`s birthday party.

Vintage Butterfly Cake

This simple cake is an absolute stunner. It is dedicated to capturing the beauty of summer with an elegant vintage vibe. The cake has a unique ecru-colored fondant that is accented with ribbons of black and white stripes. With antique fondant butterfly appliqués that make it resemble a page of some old Entomology book, this cake gives the sense of beautiful drawings. The beautiful cake design is paired with Latin writing in which the message is written to give this cake a whole vintage vibe. This birthday cake for women is for the ones with the classic taste that love dark colors and unique craft. This unique cake will for sure make you remember its grace when next time you search for a birthday cake near me.

Butterfly Vine Cakes

Placing a flutter of butterflies on your multi-tier cake is one of the most effective ways of giving a plain birthday cake an excellent detail. With butterflies, you can go beyond just the typical cake flowers for a summer theme cake. All you need is to make dozens of beautiful butterflies. You can either make them with sugar paper or fondant itself. The vine of butterflies will replace the vine of flowers and make your cake ready to fly. To make the cake more vibrant, you can use the butterflies of different colors, or you can create an ombre effect by using gradient colored butterflies’ with dark color butterflies at one end and slowly shifting to light colored ones to the other end. At Ishers we bake some of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne, and like our complete range, this cake is available in the color of your choice all you need is to drop us a call.

3-D Butterfly Cakes

Thus 2 tier classic birthday cake is a show stopper. This beautiful cake is adorned by four 3-D butterflies, in classic shades of pale blue and black. The butterflies are set on each step of cake. These butterflies are not made from simple marzipan but are intricately designed from the layer by layer color design. Each and every aspect of wing design to tentacles are made in separate layer making it a true masterpiece. This lovely deep colored cake is for sure destined to make your party come alive. This cake is something you will remember when you next time search for a cake shop near me and make your dear one's birthday celebrations special.

Hand-Painted Butterfly Cake

If you want to go beyond just the 3D effect and are good at painting, then this design would be a perfect fit. The hand-painted butterfly can be a single tier 9 Inch high cake or a multi-tier cake. Once we have stacked the cake base with your favorite flavor, we can move on to the icing as it is very important for the painting. All you have to do is make sure your icing has no cracks or bumps at the top. Use a crumb coat to make sure that your cake does not sag with time. Now we are all set with a delicious cake as a canvas on which you can draw a stream of butterflies swarming to the top.

At Isher Eggless Baker we have mastered the art of creating some of the most adorable cake designs. With our promise to bake the cake with love and serve with passion, we are the perfect place to answer to your request for cake bakery near me. So get online and select best birthday cakes in Melbourne only at https://www.isher.com.au/.

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