So, you have finally decided what kind of cake you would be baking! All the flavors, creams and colors have been decided and brought from the nearest store selling vegan bakery ingredients. But wait, how will you decorate your cake? Frosting and creams are not enough! Then what should be the ideal decoration for the best cakes in Melbourne? Probably flowers!

We have heard about buttercream and its varied applications. Buttercream is mostly used to make flowers that can enhance the look of any dessert. Looking at one such flower, one might think that it’s too difficult to make one. Surprisingly, it is not. All that is required are the right piping material and skills. Along with that, buttercream thickness must be checked in case it’s too mushy or too slimy.

Majorly, the problem faced while making buttercream flowers is that the consistency of buttercream is not appropriate. Due to this, the flower piped out doesn’t have the right design and looks dilapidated. First things first! For piping, a cylindrical tube must be filled with buttercream. It can be made using any normal foiling paper. Next, the flower base must be conical for petals to be adjusted on. In this way, the flower looks more life-like and gets the structure to support its weight. Being the best cake shop in Melbourne, we are sharing some points to help you bake a cake with perfect buttercream flowers.

Equipment required to make buttercream flowers

Let us look into certain tools used for making flowers:

Piping bags: - They are important for making buttercream flowers. Plastic bags or disposable packets can be used for the same. For piping, silicone or coated canvas materials are preferred. Irrespective of the material chosen, it should be reliable and leak-proof. In the case of cheap plastics, it might burst at the very moment of piping.

Couplers: - In case you want a dual tone finish on buttercream flowers, you can use couplers. It is a two-piece mechanical tool that allows the chef to change piping tips on the same bag. In this method, one tip is placed inside the bag, while the other one is placed at the tip of the tube. They may not be a compulsion but make baking a lot easier than conventional methods.

Flower Nail: - It is a metal tool of the size of a nail with a flat top to hold the flower while designing. It can be held between fingers and while it is turned, it acts as a turntable. It gives the independence of working at any desired angle for the chef.

Useful tips for making buttercream flowers

Let us look at some useful tips for making the best buttercream flower.

  1. Always keep an extra batch of buttercream prepared for cone-shaped bases of flowers.
  2. Always sieve your sugar to avoid any sugar lumps. It can cause the tube tip to clog.
  3. Refrigerate the flowers once they are made. In this way, it will be easier to handle them and apply on the cake surface.
  4. Food coloring can be added as per the baker’s discretion. However, it must be added in the limited amount using a toothpick. It will avoid mixing of color with the buttercream flower and other decorations.

Steps to make buttercream flowers

With the above precautions in mind, we are ready to whisk the batter! Let us look into the steps to make the buttercream flowers. We serve our customers with both buttercream flowers eggless and vegan cakes in Melbourne.

For buttercream rose:

  1. Begin with the cutting of parchment paper of dimensions 2.5 square inches.
  2. Add the yellow buttercream to the piping tube and add no. 127 tip to the piping bag.
  3. Add blush and pink shades of buttercream to another piping tube.
  4. For removing air bubbles, pipe out some of the initial parts of buttercream.
  5. Use some buttercream to paste the parchment paper to the turntable.
  6. After this, start molding a cone structure for the flower’s base.
  7. For design innovations, try dashing out a few yellow bits in the middle of the cone base.
  8. Use the other piping tube to make of scoop in the middle.
  9. After this, cut the tip as a spiral for piping out a spiral structure in the middle. Take it all the way to the top of the cone.
  10. Then, add petals as per the desired look. In case you desire a smaller rose or peony for birthday cakes in Melbourne, you need to ensure that the base is smaller.
  11. While finishing off, try dashing tight arcs and close all the corners in a round shape.
  12. When the look has been achieved, use scissors or tongs to transfer the flower over cake surface.

Don’t forget to make leaves using green buttercream and add effects to it. Remember, a good design is the one that confuses people between real and artificial.

These steps are used for making buttercream flowers even by the best bakery in Melbourne. But how do you make the buttercream? We got you covered.

Steps to make the buttercream

We shall see the steps for making the American buttercream. Check your ingredients first.

For American buttercream you would need:

  1. 225g of unsalted butter. Don’t use refrigerated butter.
  2. Sieved 460g of sugar.
  3. 1 tbsp. of rose water.
  4. Food colors of soft pink, yellow or orange.
  5. 1 tbsp. Matcha powder

Start with creaming the butter until it is completely lumped free.

For creaming, a standard mixer is preferred with mechanical operability.

Sieve the sugar to be added in the batter. Divide it into two batches.

After this, start whisking the cream until it is thick.

Add a few drops of rose water.

Separate a little amount of buttercream in a bowl.

Add the other batch of sugar to this and continue mixing with hands. It will be used for making the flower base, therefore, it should be thick. For reference, it should have dough like consistency.

From the other batch, separate small amounts and dye them using food colors. For making leaves, use the matcha powder and design the veins of the leaf. For better results fit a no. 68 tip at the bottom of the pipe tube.

The buttercream constituency can be maintained by storing it at a cool place (not refrigerate) when not in use. This technique is followed by all popular professional bakeries in Melbourne when the weather is too hot. In case there is a dire need of storing but no electricity, you can use a sheet tray laid on top of ice packs. In this way, while switching different color piping tubes, the one not in use can be kept for cooling. Cooling the buttercream helps in maintaining the consistency of tubes which would harden in case they are refrigerated.

In case you find it too difficult, you can find the flower bases and already made buttercreams at a bakery in Melbourne. To find one, just type “ best bakery in Melbourne” on your mobile and reach out to the nearest cake shop in Melbourne.

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