Rainbows make everyone fall in love with them once. The marvelous natural phenomenon retains a mythical aura to it and captures the spirit of all young and grownups leaving them to astound. A rainbow is a delight to see as one doesn't get to see them every day. With science, the rainbow has no mysteries left, and yet they are so surprised when they happen. The love of the rainbow might be because of our inherited habit to cherish things that are temporary. For all one knows it is because of rainbows represent acceptance, healing, and the promise of love and life that somewhere nearby sun is light.

As far as kids are concerned they love rainbows! For kids, a rainbow is a bunch of vibrant colors. What’s not to like, for they’re so vivid and colorful! It fills them with joy as good as any color around them. Kids love everything that is colorful, from cartoons to clothes and clowns to cakes. And what if you got this love of colors in a plate? They are sure to fall in love with the eggless cake filled with color and delight. So to keep everyone mystically enticed we have brought forward a list of lovely rainbow cakes from the best bakery in Melbourne, Isher Eggless bakers. Let's take a look at some of our Rainbow cakes:

1 – Six layer Rainbow Cake

This cake offers a grand rainbow surprise for the cake lovers. The six colorful layers of this cake suggest a different story and taps into your inner colorist. And this super moist cake has the real authentic buttery vanilla taste that will force you to fall in love. All Six layers of this vanilla sponge are graciously filled and frosted with flavored buttercream ganache of your choice. The icing is then decorated with a beautiful rainbow crown in fluffy sugar clouds. The top is also adorned with little butterflies and our sprinkle-sparkle mix. The bottom of this amazing cake is layered with colored pastels to deliver the external look an internal color impression.

2 - Rainbow Rosette Cake

This grand baking favorite cake is one of our unique creations adorned by our signature rosette. The dark to light layers in rainbow shade family is a delight for the eyes. This Rainbow cake design is very graceful. It truly reflects our months of dedicated recipes, design, and color combination expertise. This multi-colored marvel of moist sponge layers with light whipped white frosting is perfect for birthdays, celebrations and parties. This multi-colored cake topped with a fabulous rainbow crown on top. And over the fabulous design, we provide you with a chance to select the number you are celebrating. This irresistible rainbow number Cake topped with rainbow sprinkles. This will add to the party fun smothered by your choice of flavored buttercream frostings.

3 – Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

This multilayer sprinkled rainbow cake represents a miniature version of our grand cakes. The cake is perfect for select gatherings. It has a rainbow on the inside as well as rainbow sprinkles on the outside. It's a little happy loud and proud cake. This light vanilla sponge layered rainbow striped vanilla buttercream cake. This is a true celebration baked to cater all cake lovers. The small sprinkled cake has our special flavored ganache in all the layers. The vanilla rainbow sponge with rose decoration on top is another of beloved rainbow cakes. This cake will make you fall in love with colors again.

At Isher Eggless Bakery we bake magical cakes that make your celebrations memorable. Though there may not be a pot of gold at end of every rainbow, there is undoubtedly a pot of happiness and joy with every rainbow cake. All our preparations are eggless and we offer vegan cake options on most of our preparations. So what are you waiting for visit our website and order online at

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