Not sure if you can find a beautifully designed and tasty EGGLESS cake in the market? Well, with new things coming up every day, bakers have found ways to get around the challenges that come their way. One such challenge that has been overcome is baking eggless and vegan cakes. And for a while now, many bakers have resorted to preparing vegan cakes due to the huge demand in the market. It is also the reason why vegan cakes have made a place on almost every baker’s list. You might be one of them and probably looking for the best vegan bakery in Melbourne. With the huge demand for vegan cakes, you can now find vegan cakes in many cake shops in Melbourne.

One of the best bakeries in Melbourne is Isher Eggless Bakers. Isher offers personalized, tasty, eggless and vegan cakes that would rock your celebration. So, instead of spending the time to search for a bakery in Melbourne, Isher is a good place to start from. As a matter of fact, you can order some of the cakes at Isher that also are at the top of every Baker’s Wishlist. Check out the list of eggless cakes that Isher has nailed preparing:

3 Layered Golden Flowers Cake

When it comes to creating an eggless cake, the first thing that every baker thinks of is if they can make a perfectly designed and huge eggless cake. And this is why the three-layered cake is the top one on the eggless cake baker’s wishlist. This cake, prepared by Isher, has the middle layer covered with golden yellow frosting. And the other two layers are covered with white icing. Designed with golden and white flowers that runs like a branch up the cake, this vegan chocolate cake is what you need for your big celebration.

Fresh Cream Cake With Fondant Flowers

Just like the cake shared above, another three-layered cake also makes the list of the top eggless cakes. And why wouldn’t this cake make a list? Elegantly designed with red and white colored fondant flowers, this cake is the best choice for a wedding and any huge celebration. It is one of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne that you can easily order from Isher.

Moreover, you can have the cake customized by Isher. All you need to do is contact them and let them know while you place an order for the cake. You can also select the cake flavor that you want. With three layers to choose from, you can decide if you want all the three layers to have different tastes, namely chocolate, vanilla and so on.

Heart Shaped Eggless Cake

How badly do you want a vegan eggless heart-shaped cake for your anniversary? Well, Isher has made it possible to have beautifully designed heart-shaped cakes prepared for special occasions. This eggless cake is created with beautifully designed pink flowers. Not only is the design perfect, but the flavors and texture of the cake insider would also leave you wanting more. So, you need not search for any other best cake shop near me and just place an order online with Isher.

Flower Garden Cake

A flower garden cake is perfect for all kinds of occasions. This classic cake has pink, yellow and white flowers that cover the top of the cake beautifully. Keeping in mind the need to have a cake for every celebration and the fact that the cake has to be vegan, Isher has prepared this cake.

The cakes prepared by Isher are completely eggless and vegan, making it the bakery in Melbourne. So, for your next celebration, remember to give Isher a call and order your cake. After all, no party is complete without a cake.

Place an Order on Isher NOW!

All the cakes from Isher Bakers can be customized. And while the flavors can be changed, the cake would still be prepared with vegan and eggless products. Also, if you have any other designs in mind for the cake, Isher can help you in preparing the cake for you.

Isher is one of the best cake shops in Melbourne that offers outstanding vegan cakes for any occasion. So, it is confirmed that you would not be disappointed. Also, you can order the best birthday cakes in Melbourne from Isher’s catalog, click here!

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