It’s no secret that toddlers love dinosaurs. They would drool around the big creatures replica`s creating and fighting with their sounds all day. It might be because of movies or cartoons that kids fall in love. The craze of dinosaurs is most widespread in boys. That is why Dinosaur theme cakes are one of the best birthday cakes for boys. A dinosaur theme is also an excellent surprise for a jungle loving kid. You can plan an amazing party by bringing together a Dino theme cake, cupcakes, goodies, some drinks and dino shaped snack. Theme cakes are one of the specialties at Isher Eggless bakers. Our cakes make us the most loved eggless cake bakery in Melbourne.

Dinosaur theme cakes are very famous in schools and kindergartens. Dinosaurs are often shown as fearsome and magnificent in real life projections. These majestic creatures for kids are mostly put forth humorously. Young kids love to play with the dinosaur toys and are fond of the dino movies. These magnificent creatures came to television with the cartoon series of The Flintstones. Slowly these characters became so popular that a series of movies started coming up with the entire franchise of The Jurassic Park. You would even find dinosaurs in many kids films like The Land Before Time, The good dinosaur, Toys Story, BBC`s series Walking with Dinosaurs and many more. Even the Epic Godzilla series is a reflection an ode to these prehistoric creatures.

So if your kid is a fan of dinosaurs or is in love with Jungle, then we have a couple of Cakes that will make your kid shriek with joy. We have lined up some exclusive cakes from Isher Eggless Bakers to answer your call to buy eggless cake near me.

Let’s take a look at some of these:

1 - Baby Dinosaur Cake

The hand-decorated sugar Dinosaurs in a variety of colors. And a hand-piped buttercream decoration can be one of the best ways of celebrating a birthday. The green color fresh cream cake can have multiple layers of sponge cake base to serve a large gathering. This eggless cake is perfect as the first birthday cake for your little one.

2 - Jurassic Dinosaur Cake

This is an excellent birthday cake for the young one who loves dinosaurs. The cake has one big Jurassic dino with open mouth running for the hunt. The eggless cake can have a bunch of other dinosaurs like infamous 'T-Rex,' the 'Stegosaurus' and the 'Triceratops.' This rectangular cake looks like a jungle theme dino hunt. The cake top can have the name in the middle of all the dinosaur.

3 - Awesome Dinosaur Fossil Cake

This fossil carved shape birthday cake looks like an excavation site. With small tools used for excavation and plenty of fossil spread across the cake. This Fossil theme eggless cake is an excellent site for a kid who loves dinosaurs and Archeologists. The site depicts the CAT and other trucks and tools. The whole lot is trying to unearth some pretty excellent dinosaur bones from this actual edible excavation site.

4 - Dinosaur Party Cake

So if you are trying to get the dino theme cake for your young ones then why not try a Dino cake with fondant dinosaurs. The whole theme can be based on a jungle with river and volcano with plenty of dinosaurs. Bright green grass and chocolate rocks create a perfect setting for the prehistoric climax. The birthday cake can have your favorite flavors filled in the freshly baked sponge. Your Guests are sure to drool over the chocolate mud cake topped with cream frosting and fondant dinosaur.

5 – Dino Tier Cake

Who doesn’t love the dinosaur-themed cakes that have a dino on each tier? This is a three-tier dino cake. The cake is inspired by herbivorous dinos. This dino birthday cake is perfect for your next dinosaur theme party. These fondant dinosaur shapes will have your guests in awe!. Each layer of the eggless cake is decorated with fondant. It can also be customized with fresh cream if you are not a fan of fondant. This cake has multiple layers of flavor filled sponge that is great for larger gatherings.

6 – The Good Dinosaur cake

The Disney`s latest dino movie cast a good friendly dino and his story of how he helps his human friend and himself. The story casts under various adverse conditions of the prehistoric era and how the dino and the kid find their family. The cutest of fondant dinosaurs are topped on the spongy base of the green cake. You may also select one of Good Dino cakes from our Edible image cake series.

7 - Dinosaur Slab Cake

The dino slab is one of the cutest kids birthday cake. It has layers of textured cake sponge layers filled with delicious cake cream. The cakes outer body looks like a dino and forms the coolest dinosaur cake. This big cake will definitely make the kids fall in love with its cute smile and bright colors. Molded out of the shape of the dinosaur the cake looks absolutely adorable with polka dots, collar and green fondant spikes from the head tail.

We, Isher Eggless Bakers are the right answer to where to buy vegan cake ?. Based in Clayton, we have served the Vegan Birthday cakes along with Eggless cakes to entire Melbourne. We have made exquisite and delectable blends of Eggless and Vegan cakes in Melbourne to make our patrons return to us again and again.

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