Birthdays are special. But your wife's birthday is an event that you can not and should not forget. Everybody expects their better half to remember their birthday and make it more special.

People like gifts, friends to show up, feel cherished, and loved. But one thing that you absolutely can not miss is the birthday cake. A party without a birthday cake is like watching The Godfather without Al Pacino in it, Bland, tasteless and unimaginable.

If you are planning to throw a surprise party for your wife, we have some delicious and equally beautiful red velvet cakes. Isher's got the best eggless cakes in Melbourne available in all flavors and frostings.

We recommend red velvet because first, it's red velvet, like come on do you need another reason? Another reason is the mysterious flavor. People instantly fall in love with the vibrant color and the buttery vanilla flavor with a hint of chocolate - * eating a huge red velvet chunk while writing this*

Well, moving on, we have compiled a list of 6 beautiful red velvet cakes that are perfect for your wife's birthday party. You don't have to go to the cake shop, hoping to look for the best bakery in Melbourne. Just place an order online and get it delivered.

Flower Basket Cake IE 253

First one up in our list is the flower basket cake, which is one of Isher's bestseller cakes. This Flower basket cake is a beautiful combination of yellow and white cream roses. The pastel colors of this cake are gorgeous. If you have a spring or summer themed party, then this cake will be the best option.

The smooth buttery crumbed cake and the zesty cream cheese frosting tastes heavenly together. Yellow patterned mini swirls pipe the tops and bottom edges of this round cake. It looks like summer had a fling with spring and ended up with this heavenly cake.

With the size guide of 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches, you can have a small get together or invite your whole darn neighborhood if you want.

Chocolate Rose Vine Cake IE 165

Next up our list is the chocolate rose vine cake. If you want some extra chocolate flavor in your red velvet cake without sabotaging the whole taste. You should choose this cake for the extra chocolate punch that comes from the frosting flowers.

Flowers on this cake are rosette swirls. These chocolate colored piped vines and leaves on white buttercream frosting stand out and make it look delicious and one of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne Available in 4 different sizes, so you have the option to size up or down according to your party crowd.

IE 234 Everyday Cake

If you are planning for an intimate romantic birthday surprise for your lovely partner, then this cake is perfect for you. The rose crown on the cake looks straight out of a movie. The red seven buttercream flower rosette arrangement on top with ripply green icing leaves compliment the white case well.

The buttercream icing base is coated to perfection. However, the pastel yellow piping on the bottom looks so good that it only adds to its beauty. Once you cut into the cake, the vibrant red velvet cake will match the rosette, which is sure to leave everyone oohing and aahing.

If you are worried about any allergies or if you are lactose intolerant or if you are looking for an eggless/ vegan cake in Melbourne; then this rich, moist cake is the best choice Pair this cake with a lovely bouquet and your wife will fall in love with you all over again.

IE 237 Everyday Cake

Pink roses are a symbol of admiration and appreciation. But our cake is better than a bouquet of pink roses if you want to confess your undying love for your wife. The beautiful pink rosettes on top of the pastel blue-white icing is a treat for the eyes.

The bottom line is piped with green leaves like pattern that makes the cake look clean and pretty. The overall combination of pink, green, blue on the simple but perfect white icing makes it look so decadent that you'll think twice before cutting it. However, we promise you won't regret it because it tastes even better than it looks.

Dahlia Flower Cake IE 249

Our Dahlia flower cake is one of our most prized possessions. Just look at the colors, so pretty and out of this world. The purple colored flowers are an interesting twist compared to the traditional rosettes that traditional "cake shop near me" bakers use while making a flower cake.

The purple dahlia flowers have a yellow, and this icing flower arrangement on the cake is more inclined towards the boundary. However, the mauve vines and the green icing leaves on the side complete the decoration beautifully. This cake is also available in 4 sizes ranging from half a kg to 2 kgs.

Lavender Flowers Cake IE 254

Last but not least is our lavender flowers cake. We saved the best for the last. Will you look at this beauty? While purple and pink are the color of royalty and youth. Lavender represents femininity with a grown-up charm with refinement, grace, and elegance.

The vibrant green colored leaves and the pastel rosettes cover the crown part of the area leaving just a little bit of space in the middle to give it an edgy touch. The six petals or star piping technique is used to cover the bottom edge in lavender buttercream frosting. The off white buttercream base gives this cake an edge over the other red velvet cakes in our collection. The whole combination gives it a more Victorian era/ vintage look.

If you are bored with the popular yet cake flavors like chocolate and vanilla, it's time for you to give red velvet a try as red velvet is much finer and richer. And, if you are a bit skeptical about finding a good traditional red velvet cake, try us. 'Isher eggless bakers' is the best cake shop in Melbourne with delivery option available to cater all your needs. Stop overthinking and order one of the best cakes in Melbourne with your eyes closed to make your wife's special day memorable.

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