Birthdays are a big occasion; especially for kids. It gets really important for you to make this day memorable for your little ones. From venues to deciding a theme, a lot you need to do for planning this event. And what’s a birthday party without a cake? Choices of kids keep on changing, and it gets difficult for you to decide what your little one is going to like. Whether you should go for a customized cake, designer cake, character cake or themed cake, the ideas are endless. If you are a vegan and are looking for vegan cakes, then you would be surprised to know that there is a huge variety available in vegan cakes also. Here are some of the best vegan cakes in Melbourne for your little one’s special day:

Hidden Surprise Cake

Kids love surprises. From shouting surprise in the morning to various gifts you plan for them, surprises are the second name of birthday. A hidden surprise cake can look like a normal cake from the outside with a choice of color of your kids. Inside it is filled with sweets or gems or even small chocolate pieces depending on what your kids are fond of. As a slice of cake is cut the kids, as well as guests, get surprised with sweet candies spilling out of the cake. This cake can also be a themed cartoon character depending on your kid’s choice. Get your customized hidden surprise cake at one of the best bakeries in Melbourne.

Character Cake

Kids love cartoons characters. From superheroes for boys to Barbie and princesses for girls, these are the most popular cakes among kids. Choose a princess themed cake for your baby girl with a doll in the center and the cake comprises of the doll's skirt. The princess can also be wearing the favorite color of your little princess. Barbie themed cake is also a good choice as girls are fond of dolls. For boys, any action or superhero can be used in the center with a color theme spreading across the cake. From Batman to Superman, the choices are endless for boys. This cake will be a highlight of the event and can be customized from the best vegan cake shop in Melbourne.

Birthday Age Cake

The joy of turning a certain age for kids is priceless. They like growing up. So get this birthday age cake made to spread a theme of how big your little one is getting. You can either choose a normal cake shaped in the form of a number, or you can choose a cupcake pull-apart cake. A pull apart birthday cake comprises of many cupcakes shaped in the form of the age of your little one. You can even choose a theme of cupcakes from our best bakery Melbourne. A pull apart birthday cake becomes an easy choice to divide the cake among your guests. The cake can also be decorated with blocks of letters all around it.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cake

These cakes for your little ones can be a safe bet. Most famous cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are the cutest and most colorful choice for kid's birthday cake. Use a three-tiered Mickey Mouse cake for boys with red fondant at the bottom with Mickey's ears. The second tier is decorated with white fondant and a picture of Mickey Mouse. Top it up with Mickey's ears. Minnie Mouse cake can be a good choice for girls. A pink, black and white themed can be made either just like Mickey Mouse cake or with Minnie Mouse silhouettes and pink bows. The theme can also be changed to red instead of pink depending on the choice of your little girl. The cake can also be made a vegan chocolate cake with the same decorations and design.

A mustache or crown cake

The theme for girls and boys is always a bit different. Where girls like the pink or red color, boys are more favorable towards blue or green color. You can use a mustache themed cake for boys with a multi-layered cake topped up with a black mustache on top. The cake can be decorated with zig-zag decoration at the bottom, vertical stripes, and buttons on the second tier. Top this up with a black mustache and a black bow in the middle. For girls, you can choose a crown cake with a pink colored two-tiered cake decorated with flowers at the bottom. A crown made with frosting can be placed at the top of the cake.At , Isher Bakers we have the best birthday cakes Melbourne.

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