Fruitcake is a trendy dessert worldwide, well except for some countries that start from U and end with an A and there's also an S between them somewhere, oh well, you get the point. This delicate dessert has a laughable reputation, no idea why.

People have tossing competitions, people calling fruitcake as a joke, like why are you so mean to this delicate little thing? We believe it's time to become friends with these delicious fruitcakes.

You can find fruit cakes in a lot of bakeries in Melbourne, but not a lot of people are keen on buying it. A classic English fruitcake is different from the American version in terms of texture and rich taste.

A combination of barley, raisins, nuts and pomegranate seeds mixed in ancient Rome to make a fruit cake, was kind of like an energy bar of sorts. Fruit cake today is different because of the discovery of sugar from the colonies during the 1400s. Both local and exotic fruits were used to give it a boost.

In Australia and New Zealand, fruitcake is eaten year-round. Over the centuries, fruitcake evolved throughout the world. In Europe, Prince William and Catherine Middleton had an amazingly decorated cake for their wedding.

If you are looking for one, then try us. Isher is the best cake shop in Melbourne because our fruit cakes look like a real cake and taste like real fruits. Our cakes are made with fresh ingredients and fruits, unlike the mass-produced fruit cakes in stores or other bakeries. Try our delicious range of fruit cakes, and you'll realize how marvelous fruit cakes are!

Here are some of our delicious fruitcakes with a bunch of different flavors. 100% vegan/ eggless products are used in a sterile atmosphere to keep them fresh and maintain hygiene at all times.

Fruit Cupcake IE 514

Cupcakes are love. But have you seen our cupcake range? They taste as good as they look. Our Fruit Cupcake is the most beautiful and delicate vegan cake in Melbourne that you'll ever lay your eyes on. The white frosting swirl with rainbow-colored fruity sprinkles and chunks dusted lightly on top. It looks like a Disney movie-worthy cupcake.

It comes in a set of 6 cupcakes. The base flavor is vanilla that goes awesomely well with the buttercream icing with lemon zest and fruity chunks. Kids will go gaga just looking at it. Apart from being an excellent dessert choice to order for parties, it's a great option to give away as a gift, too.

If you want, you can get the base customized to any flavor of your choice. But you'll have to preorder a bit earlier. Just select, pay, and checkout, it's that easy to order online from our website.

Chocolate Fruit Festival Cake IE 235

First up is our Chocolate Fruit festival cake. This eggless cake with vanilla and mix fruit base is so decadent and moist because fresh fruits like kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, and cherry are mixed in the cake batter to reach that light fluffy and fruity texture.

Apart from the fresh fruit base, it is decorated with sweet cream icing on the edges with kiwi, pineapple, and other fruits on top to make it look appetizing and taste delicious at the same time. But here's the punch, we use chocolate shavings on the side and chocolate leaves on top to add that rich flavor to it.

Our customers love this cake as it is perfect for any festivities all around the year. You can size up or down according to your requirement. We promise you that this will be the best eggless cake in Melbourne that you'll ever taste.

IE 217 Everyday Cakes

One of our everyday cake best sellers is this cake If you are not a fan of cakes loaded with fresh fruits. The base of this cake is available six mouth-watering flavors like vanilla, chocolate, black forest, red velvet and more.

It is decorated with a minimum amount of fruits, strawberries, and kiwi on swirls of white frosting along with the chocolate sticks. White and dark chocolate shavings are also sprinkled across the outer area.

The cake is the right choice for birthdays as it is considered to be one of the best birthday cakes in Melbourne.

IE 243 Mix Fruit Cake

Our Mix fruit cake is loaded with fresh fruits If you love fruits then you won't be able to resist this cake, you'll go bananas.

This delicious cake has a simple vanilla base with fresh fruits mixed in the batter and buttercream frosting on top. But it doesn't end here. The decoration of this cake is what makes it different. The sweet cherry heart in the middle, the pineapple, and Kiwi circle outside it and ending it with fresh citrus strawberries on the side make it look like a rainbow. The icing design at the bottom adds to its beauty.

We think it's a shame that fruitcakes have such a bad reputation about being a boring and bland dessert when it's clearly ought to be a hit. If you search for cake shops near me, you might get a fruitcake that's not up to your taste. But with Isher's we can guarantee that no matter what cake you pick, it will be awesome and you will keep coming back for more.

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