Winter can make any city a wonderland. It brings the opportunity for fun and chilled themed birthday parties. These themed parties for kids and adults can turn your home in a scene straight from Frozen World.

The most important thing for any birthday party is the cake. But where can you find masterpiece cakes that taste as good as they look? Well, if you are in Melbourne you can just search for the best cake shop near me and walk straight into Ishers.

We bake the best vegan cakes in Melbourne that are so delicious you’ll keep coming back for more. Themed parties can be a bit tiring, all the thinking, planning and execution can suck the daylight out of you. But fret not, if you are still confused about the theme and the cake that you can go ahead with, we’ll help you out.

Here are some of the top picks for your winter birthday party cakes that will blow everyone’s brains out.

Golden White Cream Flower Cake IE 362

Our next cake is a bit sophisticated and quite frankly the best cake in Melbourne. With 2 tiers of 8 inches 6 inches respectively, it looks breathtaking. If you are planning a surprise birthday party for your wife, then this cake will be the optimal choice.

The top layer is painted with edible gold paint, however, the bottom one is pristine white fondant. We use real flowers to decorate it. The flowers are white with a hint of pink with green leaves that compliments the other colors on the cake really well.

This cake is just the right amount of sophistication and charm that will look really well in a winter-themed party. Available in 5 different mouth-watering flavors and you can get it customized to change the flowers or the colors to your preference, To know more visit our website.

IE 190 Disney Frozen Cake

Winter for kids is just another synonym for Frozen. The fans following for this movie is so massive that you possibly can not ignore it. No matter who you are or what age group in you belong to, The Let it go song must have reached your ears at some point in the last couple of years.

If your kids twirl and swirl around the house and keep on chatting about Olaf, a Frozen theme party is perfect for a kid’s birthday party. If you are going to go ahead with this theme then Isher’s Disney Frozen cake is the one for you.

This cake has got it all, so you don’t have to worry about finding out the favorite character of the birthday girl or guy. The movie characters as cake toppers and the buttercream frosting used to create a winter landscape all around it that looks really beautiful. Available in 5 different flavors and 2 different sizes, you won’t regret ordering it.

Ice Cream Cone Cake IE 363

First up is our 6 inches high customized Ice cream cone cake. Can you think of 5 people in your life that are not a fan of Icecream? We can bet you can’t. Like who the fudge doesn’t like icecream? Well wrong question, what’s not to like?

So an Icecream themed party will, without a doubt, be a hit. If you want to take the level of your party a bit higher, look at our ice cream cone cake. It literally has an ice cream cone on top. Apart from that, this is an all-white cake that has pink and purple buttercream rosettes and colorful fondant stars placed strategically to look like as if it’s scattered.

You won’t find this cake at any other bakery in Melbourne. The ice cream on top is inverted so the dripping effect on the sides adds another kick to it. A perfect cake for your kid’s or wife’s( whoever is an avid ice cream lover) birthday party.

IE 100 Rainbow cake

It is perfect for a winter-themed party because it will add a little bit of color in an otherwise white background that will look uber-chic and cool. Our rainbow cake is completely covered in sprinkles, with multicolored frosting shave design on the bottom half. It also has a fondant rainbow, stars, clouds and butterflies as the cake toppers that kids will love and go crazy just looking at it. The base coating of the cake is light blue to make it look like the sky, and the other colors used are all pastel themed that are super easy and pleasing to the eyes.

IE147 Easter Bunny Cake

I know what you are thinking, easter? Winter? If you are not from Australia, you probably don’t know that we have no snow on Christmas. Our winter starts around April-May. Moving on, Easter-themed party is perfect for kids to welcome winters, they love colors, eggs and playing around to find them first.

Easter Bunny Cake is of the best eggless cake in Melbourne at Isher bakery ( pun intended, my friend). This 2 tier cake has a bunny on top coming out of the top. It is covered with green buttercream frosting all around it to make it look like grass AKA the bunny’s home.

The top tier has 2 bunnies, the little one has a carrot in hand with white flowers in the background. The second tier has scales like layering that look quite rocky and hard but it’s delicious. Available in 5 different flavors like vanilla mango pineapple, chocolate, and black forest, this cake stands out no matter what theme choose to follow.

Planning a birthday, anniversary, farewell or just celebrating life, let us be a part of your celebration. Isher’s is the best bakery, so you can rest easy that the quality and quantity of any eggless or vegan cakes in Melbourne, your order will be superlative to any other cake shop in Melbourne.

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