Presents are important for every relationship, they help you mark the grace and importance of the occasions and bind them in memory. It doesn’t matter how small the present is, it is warmth and gesture that makes your love feel special and cared for. Alas, when it comes to gifts, cakes are the best gift for your special someone. So be it her birthday; an anniversary; a special occasion or just to make her realize her importance in your life. As best cake shop in Melbourne, our delicious eye-catching cake for your love can set her with all the happiness in the world.

So now when you have fixed your mind on a cake, the next thing is to choose the perfect cake for her. Now let’s take a look at our two best cakes for her, to make your special occasion a truly special one:

MAC Makeup cake :

We hope you will enjoy our selection of MAC makeup kit designed to suit your loved one`s temptation for a pinch of makeup. This is a perfect birthday cake for girls, she may be your Girlfriend or fiancé or your beautiful partner. The cake is a dedication towards the feminine grace of your lady. Smooth buttercream in colors is a blend of designing the unique makeup kit. This taste filled cake is topped with the fondant toppings and layered with our special ganache. You would love to see you her dilemma in trying to cut into this or adore the pretty finishing.

Flower Basket Cake :

Our flower basket cake not just fresh, yummy and treat for the eyes but also a romantic, floral, beautiful, and unique blend of love and taste. This unique cake is adorned with hand-made basket ribbons as the basket shimmering with a cascade of piped buttercream flowers. As the bakers of best birthday cakes in Melbourne, this cake has our special chocolate ganache drip glaze over tiers of delicious sponge cake; this cake is perfect for the stylish partner and leaves a statement of your devotion towards her. The graceful cake is as yummy as it looks and will make your love dig right in and that's not just us saying it - we are proud of every cake we create.

Well deciding the cakes is always a tough call. Both the cakes are available in a range of colors and flavors. The Makeup cake is suitable for more of a trendy modern lady, though the flower cakes have always been there for the feminine love of flowers. Both the birthday cakes are suitable for party, the MAC cake is made for a smaller treat and the Flower basket is for a bigger party. Both these cakes are fresh and yummy to the core to devote the love and affection.

And with Isher eggless bakers you can always get that birthday cake near you and add that personal touch to the cake with small notes and names or photographs that will make the occasion even more memorable.

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