What completes a sumptuous dinner after Friday night party? Some might say a drink, but a larger portion of people would feel that no food is complete without a dessert. When it comes to dessert, cakes are everyone’s favorite. Now cakes are of different types. Thinking about them, everyone has water in mouth. By a decorated vegan cake, I mean, colorful and bright. We have come to a point where food must be presentable as well as tasty.So, now you must be thinking of searching for a cake shop near me?

We have realized that modern-day foods are not dependent on a few ingredients only; they can be cooked by using substitutes and using different ingredients. Take the example of baking a vegan chocolate cake which is possible without using eggs and other dairy products. But it is hard to make a vegan cake from scratch, i.e. totally vegan ingredients.

Today many bakeries offer a wide range of eggless cakes and vegan cakes in Melbourne that not only taste good but look good too. The cakes are baked after hours of effort by world-class chefs to make you gape in awe when you see them and relish your fingers once you have finished eating.

We must have seen how delicious vegan cakes look with their icing and bright colors. So how do they manage to keep the color consistent? Let’s find out how to make eggless vegan cakes that are bright and colorful: -

1.Natural store-bought colors

There might be certain colors which are difficult to be extracted. However, they can be considered as long as they are natural and free from any animal derivatives. One must go through the list of ingredients before buying. They might be a bit expensive, but if quality matters the most for you, this is the one you should try.

2.Natural food dyes

Chemical dyes might look tempting and attractive, but they have been proved to be the reason behind many diseases. However, while preparing the best cakes in Melbourne, you can use natural colors extracted from homemade food dyes. Let's see their types:

It should be obtained from fresh vegetables, fruits or frozen berries.

For a light green color, a tea powder known as Matcha can be used.

For the yellow tinge in batter, one can use the pulp of mango.

One can use some edible flowers like a dandelion but beware of unique smell they might produce.

There are certain herbs and spices like spinach, lentil seeds which can produce strong color but they are often strong flavored and might ruin the cake’s taste if used in unlimited quantities.

If you have decided to use natural food colors yourself to add different hues of colors to your cakes, then here are the steps that you need to follow to make some amazingly colorful vegan cakes: -

Step 1 - Making natural food color

For natural homemade food color, the general process starts with extraction of juice (e.g., berries or veggies) after that a few tablespoons of the juice for coloring the Vegan cake. The device can be juicer or a grinder.

In case of vegetables, it would be better to boil them first and then make a puree out of them. The puree can be run through a mesh cloth. (Spinach must not be boiled or heated before operating as the color goes from fresh green to horrible green within seconds! You won’t like your cake to look at one of the Hulk’s birthday cakes in Melbourne!)

In case of berries, they can be heated first, mashed into a puree to get juice. Some of the vegetables like beetroot and carrot give beautiful colors when made into a puree mixed with few tablespoons of water. Just make the puree out of a juicer or grinder and do the needful and voila!

Step 2 - Coloring of cake batter

In the case of layered vegan chocolate cakes, start by dividing the cake into equal parts as the layers of cake. The divided parts must be kept in separate small bowls. In case the cake is intended to be small, ¼ or ½ cup of batter must be taken in every small bowl per layer.

Now for coloring decide which type of homemade color has been taken. In case of berry or fruit puree, one tbsp of color must be added per bowl of batter. The color spread is not sufficient to add another tbsp. But restrain from adding more than 3 tbsp of food color per batter bowl. Else, the batter might become too saggy. In the case of Matcha powder, add 3-4 tbsp of powder to the vegan cake batter.

In case the colors are store bought, they are conventionally dull. So they need to be added in more quantities. Coloring should be started with a full dropper and gradual addition as per desired color concentration.

Step 3 - Process of decoration

The method of decorating the best cakes in Melbourne is the most decisive part of eggless as well as vegan cake making. Many people don't excel in cake decoration while some don't even try. Start from smoothing cake corners. Rough, ill-shaped cake corners are eyesores. Try applying a layer frost around the edges and after completion add extra frost to hide the irregular icing. It helps to make-up for the rugged appearance that first layer gave. Try using a pipe tube for applying frost over the edges so that a decorative pattern comes out. In case you find the above process too lengthy and tedious use your phone, search “bakery near me” and ask for their assistance if you want to make the perfect Vegan cake.

Remember to use the best food coloring for an attractive effect over cake if it is off the counter. The food coloring must abide by the food standards and derived naturally. Natural food colors fade away while baking so they must be used after baking during icing and decorations of the vegan chocolate cake. One must remember that color pastes are better than color liquids. They are stronger and more concentrated. In this way, the cake doesn’t look like its oozing with extra colors.

Also, more liquid color decreases the consistency of cake sponge. It makes the sponge slimy and wet. In case there is no availability of color paste, don't forget to add 1 tbsp of flour for each extra tbsp. of color liquid to maintain the stability. Remember, an excess of anything is bad. Similarly, there are some colors which spoil the cake's taste when used in a large amount. For them, the essence of flavors is doubled or tripled in case of suspicious taste.

You can head over to your nearest cake shop in Melbourne and relish the taste and color of a vegan chocolate cake or any flavor you like. Certain shops also do home delivery, so you are just a call away from tasting your favorite cake.

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