A birthday is a perfect time to celebrate little one's growing up and getting creative with party planning ideas. A themed birthday party always gives a fabulous surprise to your loved ones. And a theme birthday party is nothing without a themed birthday cake. The kids birthday cakes are a delight to make, and at Isher Eggless Bakery being the best cake shop in Melbourne we take this delightfulness seriously. We have crafted an extensive range of theme cakes like Princess cakes, Cars cake, Cartoon themes, sporting cakes, animal cakes and many more.

Usually, Cartoon Character cakes are a big hit with kids. Their favorites depend on the age group. We even receive requests to prepare special cakes that match various themes. The theme can be in the form of team parties, princesses, circus or Jungle gathering or full character themes from Harry Potter to The Marvels. The simplest way to make theme cakes is to select an edible image from our designs and send us a picture you want on your cake. Our expert cake designers will design the color of the rest of the cakes based on the image color and give your cake an exclusive finish. Thus Isher eggless bakers have the best answer to your search for a cake shop near me. And to make your search easy, we have collected 7 best theme cakes to make your kid’s birthday party memorable:

Car Theme Cake

This cake is perfect for kids who love cars. Lightning Mcqueen is one of the most loved cars character and kids like its replicas. As one of the most famous racing toon cars, this unique character possesses one of the widest franchises of kid’s products. The car on top can be a real car or fondant masterpiece by our cake designers. Apart from lightning McQueen, the cake top can have formula one car for racing car fans. This racing car fan cake is available in vanilla, chocolate, and black forest flavors.

Princess theme Cake

From Disney princess to Barbie, our special princess cakes are here for your little royal princess. Little girls love princess theme parties for dressing up as the fairy princess with a sweet, charming theme to celebrate. The cake is an excellent blend of light and moist sponge base with fresh buttercream toppings. The top of the cake is adorned by the group of the fairy princess. The whole pink-colored sweet delight is perfect for your little girl birthday. Another of our Princess themed cake is the tiara cake; the multilayer cake with golden or silver Tiara on the top. This beautiful Tiara cake is one of our best cakes in Melbourne to celebrate the birthday of your Princess.

Sports theme cakes

This cake is perfect for the little sports fans. These cakes are available in all type of sports like football, soccer, cricket, and basketball. This cake is another ideal cake for the team birthday celebration for kids. This cake is loved by kids of all age, and we like to customize them for your favorite team and its jerseys. The little characters on the top are either in fondant or real plastic sports figures that can end up in your little one's toys basket.

Science theme Cake

This cake is for the academic ones. This cake is a reflection of elements in the organic table. This beautiful eggless cake in Melbourne is best for kids who love science and is considered an excellent choice for smart kids birthdays. The cake has our signature mixture of taste and grace. It is available in both Fondant and fresh cream options.

Animal and Jungle theme Cakes

Kids love animals. They enjoy the freedom and surprise in the way animals live and tend to develop an affinity towards them with time. So for those animal and pet lovers, we offer a wide range of animal cakes. One of our animal cake is Jungle theme cake. This beautiful cake is a conglomerate of various wild animals. This bespoke cake includes a Giraffe at the top and other animals like elephant and cow alongside. This cake can also have a parody of The Lion King or The Jungle Book with all the characters from one of the stories.

Marvel theme cake

Kids love to dress up like marvel series characters and become superheroes. This unique combination of so many characters offers the kids a chance of dressing up like their favorite characters. This cake is especially loved by school going kids who love superheroes and live in the fantasy world of Marvels. This cake can be made in both varients edible image form as well as fondant cake. Isher's Marvel theme cakes is one amongst the best vegan cakes in Melbourne.

Bhangra theme cake

This bhangra theme represents an excellent choice for Punjabi families. This cake has a Punjabi dhol on top, making it a unique ethnic treat for pompous celebrations. The cake has fresh buttercream icing, and the dhol is crafted with excellent fondant decoration skill.

Theme cakes have always been a choice for kid’s birthday parties. They present the young ones a chance to realize the digital world in real life. It let them dress and party in the characters they love on screen. And as Isher Eggless Bakers are the best bakery in Melbourne, we offer a significant chance of customizing the birthday cakes for your little one.

So why wait just go online and select the cake you love or drop us a call 0426-523-343.

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